Written by: Ashley Updike Book by: Miranda MacQuitty

Great White Shark attack

This year, 13 year old Megan Luieson got bit by a Great White! While she was surfing, the Great White got a good bite of her and her surfing board. It is probably because sharks think when you are on your surf board, they think that you are a seal. Great Whites love to have a seal for their snack. The Great White was at a whopping 15 mph speed while the attack happened. That Great White was 20 feet long! And two tons! That is about as long as they ever get!Great White sharks, in my opinion are the most dangerous sharks out of the 375 species there are. Miss Luieson has her arm and leg cut off. She is currently in the hospital. They are trying to set her up for her wheel chair. I am not surprised that the shark did that much damage. Sometimes, they can kill you! It is because of all of the teeth they have! These creatures are very interesting, scary, cool and mysterious.

Sharks, sharks, and more sharks!

Other Sharks

Sharks are very interesting creatures. There are many other species of sharks, About 375. There are some sharks that scientist have seen that were around about 200 mllion years ago! That is amazing! Some scientists have found fossils on some of the sharks that are 400 million years old! Some examples of the most common sharks are the angel shark, the blue shark, the bull shark, the cat shark, the goblin shark, the great white shark, the hammerhead shark, the lemon shark, the reef shark, the saw shark, the tiger shark, and the whale shark. Some of the uncommon sharks are the blind shark, the cow shark, the crocodile shark, the frill shark, and the zebra shark, just to name a few. Only a small percentage of sharks are dangerous and attack humans. Most of them are very harmless and just swim in the ocean calmly. Next time you are in the ocean, watch out!