8th Grade Wolverine Weekly

STEAM Middle School

STAAR Testing Information

  • Mr. Johnson has awarded the students with High School dress days Monday-Friday of this week.

  • School Visitors & Lunches - Visitors will not be allowed past the office on STAAR testing days. The delivery of outside food to the classrooms will not be allowed during STAAR testing. Students may bring a sack lunch from home, or can purchase a hot lunch from the school. Thank you for helping us create a quiet testing environment and for your support of students during this important testing time.

  • Doctor/Dental Appointments - During STAAR testing, we ask parents to please schedule any doctor or dental appointments for a different date. Students must be present on all state testing days.

  • Teacher Conferences - ALL staff members have been assigned testing duties, so any necessary conferences will have to be scheduled on non-STAAR dates.

  • Cell phones - Due to a directive from the Texas Education Agency, all schools in the state developed a cell phone/testing policy. On State Testing Days – All telecommunication devices (i.e. cell phone, PDA, pager, mp3 players, iPods, etc.) are to be turned off and turned over to the test administrator at the beginning of testing, for the duration of the test. If your child has a cell phone, the test administrator will collect them, place them in a Ziploc bag, and will return them to students after testing is completed at the end of the day.

    If a student does not turn in his/her cell phone and it is discovered that the student had/has such a device at any time during the testing period (preparing for test, actively testing, waiting for dismissal from testing room, etc.) the device will be immediately confiscated and an administrator will conduct an investigation that could lead to investigation by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and a failing score on the exam. The device will not be returned until cleared by TEA.

  • Other Cell Phone Information: The possession of cell phones during state-mandated testing is strictly prohibited. Cell phones will not be allowed during STAAR testing. Students will be given the opportunity to turn phones in to their testing administrator as soon as they arrive to the classroom. Phones will be returned by the end of the testing period. If a cell phone is detected as being in the position of the student during testing, IT WILL BE CONFISCATED. All text messages will be read (relevant text messages will be documented). The indicated telephone number will be documented (the number or text documented would be one that caused the phone to indicate that it was on and receiving). The student’s phone will be returned ONLY after a thorough investigation. A cell phone being contacted during testing also counts toward any cell phone recorded offenses with subsequent disciplinary action being taken according to the student code of conduct. Disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and will include confiscation of the device and an at-home suspension of all students involved for three school days. The school may also charge the owner for the release of certain telecommunications devices.

STAAR Testing Schedule for this week:

Monday, May 9: Grade 8 Math Retest

Tuesday, May 10: Grade 8 Reading Retest

Wednesday, May 11: Grade 8 Science

Thursday, May 12: Grade 8 US History

Friday, May 13: Make-up STAAR date

STEAM & PreAP Science

We will be completing final reviews and preparation for the STAAR test on Monday and Tuesday during my class. The science STAAR test is on Wednesday.

We will begin learning about Wellness and Sexual Health after the STAAR test, until finals. If you would like to preview the curriculum, please go to the link below. If you would like to opt your student out of this unit, please fill out the google form below.


Monday: 8th On-Level Re-Testers STAAR

Tuesday: 6th and 7th Reading STAAR

Wednesday: 8th Science STAAR

Thursday: 8th US History STAAR

Friday: Substitute (Plotting point coloring page)

Students will work on Science/History if they have me after STAAR testing is over for the day.


Monday: 8th On-Level Re-Testers STAAR

Tuesday: 6th and 7th Reading STAAR

Wednesday: 8th Science STAAR

Thursday: 8th US History STAAR

Friday: Substitute (Plotting point coloring page)

Students will work on Science/History if they have me after STAAR testing is over for the day.

STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

This week students will be taking the STAAR test in other subjects. Over the past two weeks, students have been given the assignment of completing 4 activities in Achieve3000. Many have not done this.

Students who have not done the assignments will be required to do them in class this week. I look forward to getting back to the classroom next week.

Mrs. Nancy Taylor

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

STEAM and PreAP US History

This Thursday is the US History STAAR!!

I have been so grateful for the class participation in our review sessions over the past couple of weeks!

Only three more days left to prep!

Below is a link to a “Mega Review” containing various methods of review for students to use during their spare time-I’ve posted this to google classroom already, but sometimes a little nudge from mom or dad helps!

Mrs. Danielle Stanley

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP U.S. History


This week we will continue our Pop Art Project while looking into the artwork of Jasper Johns.

  • Students should be finishing drawing final details and painting.
  • This project will be due May 20th.

Students are welcome to bring a smock to keep their clothes clean while painting.


This week students will be getting an introduction into Art History. We will have an understanding of basic movements and famous works, create a fake art movement, and begin morphing famous art history pictures digitally.

Thank you so much for the support given for our Talent/Art Show, STEAM's Got Talent. Students were celebrated and encouraged. We also raised over $200 for the art program next year. Thank you PTO and all other volunteers. We couldn't have done it without you!

Mrs. Kimberly Bishop



We will have a shortened class schedule due to STAAR testing this week. We will continue with our work on the verb "gustar" (to like) and the irregular "yo" conjugations.

Assignments: Friday Spanish due next on Friday 13th :-) Ejercicios de gramatica, part C, "gustar" for next Friday as well. We will also see Irregular "yo" in context (or as our schedule allows it)

No homework next week.

Gateway to Technology (GTT)

This week we are continuing to work on our 5.3.5 - Roller Coaster Mania Project

Mrs. Mandi Nelson

Gateways to Technology (GTT)

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)

Cardboard Chair Project

  • Students have completed their designs, mockups, and prototypes and are now ready to begin the building phase of the project.
  • This week students will be cutting and creating their cardboard chairs.

Mr. Wayne Thames

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)