Mercury: Why it's Bad

Madison Yates and Kaelee Franklin

Where can mercury come from?

Mercury can come from coal-fired power generation, medical waste incinerators, and municipal waste combustors. It can also come from broken thermometers (from a long time ago), faulty tooth fillings, seafood and spills in labs.

What are the dangers of Mercury?

The dangers are that it is poisonous to humans.

What are the effects on health?

Sleep disorders, agitation, paralysis and death.

Neurological Disorder- Erethism mercurialis

The picture shows a man in early stages of Mercury poisoning paralysis. You can get a rash, skin discoloration and discomfort.

In pregnant women, the fetus can develop neurological disorders and possibly even kill the fetus.

How can you prevent contact with it?

Can come from consumption of fish and seafood so be picky!

Fossil fuel combustion, don't go near factories.

Don't break old thermometers.