Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg

Kid's hero

Rebbi Elimelech Goldberg is a hero. because he is admire and humble person.

Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg is a person who found the program of "Kids Kicking Cancer" and for12 years, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg was direct at a camp for children battling on Simcha in New York.

He have a daughter, her name is Sara. Sara was diagnosed with leukemia a week before her first birthday. Yet he was stuck by his daughter's positive spirit during the emotional time. So, he don't want to see and he want to helping to children's crying about cancer and disease hurts.

In 1999, Goldberg innovated and focused "Kids Kicking Cancer". This program is doing and teaching korean Art Choi Kwang-Do. Goldberg have a black belt in this korean art.The program provides free martial arts classes focused on breathing techniques and meditation for children battling serious illnesses.In this program, he teaching how to play Choi Kwang-Do and children beyond the pain and discomfort of disease.

In this program, he made a slogan of Kids Kicking Cancer. That is Power. Peace. Purpose.

The organization began in Michigan and has since expanded its programs to New York, Los Angeles and Florida and internationally to Italy, Israel and Canada.

My definition of a hero is a person who have gentle, humble and have a good personality, and working/helping hard for the People. I will say, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg is a hero, because he is gentle and admire person. He is helping for children who have a cancer and hurts, he is supporting and very respectful to the cancer children to have a fun on the Kids Kicking Cancer.