Emma Carrick

Bachelor of Early Childhood


My name is Emma and i am Studying Early Childhood at the University Of Notre Dame Australia. I am in the first year of my degree at 19 years of age.

I strongly believe with the philosophy of 'learning through play' and i aspire to have a classroom where play is the main focus.


Great with children

Co-curricular activities

Since the age of 7 i have participated in netball. I know am a coach, umpire and player for City Beach Surfers Netball Club and i hope to continue my qualifications in coaching and umpiring. I spend a lot of my team reading and getting outside.


Primary school: Holy Rosary

High School: Newman College

University: Notre Dame


Since 2011 i have been working for Bridal Creations, in their production team setting up weddings and corporate events. I enjoy the organisation and creativity that goes into every event.

In 2012 i started my own babysitting service. I use my babysitting to create new ways to allow the children to learn through play. I have recently made play-doh with a 2 year old and made a leaf collage with a 4 year old.

I really enjoy being around children in their early years and being apart of their everyday learning.