Open House Science Smore

Welcome to Alyssa's Smore Project!!😊

Earthquakes PBL!!🌹

Our Driving Question was, How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? This is a picture of our final design. When you are done with the just exit out of the video and it will take you back to the Smore Project.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project!!🌺

I really enjoyed this project it was one of my favorite projects this year! When you are done just exit out and it will take you back to the Smore Project.

Invention Convection Project!!🌸

The environmental problem that my invention solves is making more of fresh water.

How this invention solves thus problem is, there is not enough fresh water so, my partner and I are building a machine that turns salt water into more fresh water for us to use and drink. This is a picture of one of our final designs.

Extra Credit!!🌼

My favorite unit I did this year was, the Atmosphere Unit! I really liked this unit because, I enjoyed the journals, Demos, and the Atmosphere question, notes and illustration page. I also really liked the test because, it was easy and I passed. Labs I liked was, The Mini Water Cycle Lab on pg # 30-31. Activities I liked was, I really liked was the candle experiment on pg # 7. I also really enjoyed The Atmosphere questions, notes, and illustrations on pg # 11-12. I also had fun with Atmosphere Demos on page # 32-33.

Thanks for Watching!!πŸ€— Hope you Enjoyed!!πŸ˜‡