leopard seal

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Antarctica is known as the frozen desert and it has 17 spieciese of animals some of its animals are leopard seal,penguins,sperm whales,weddle seal,krill and many more antarctica is also known as the worlds driest place.

Leopard seal

The leopard seal is the second largest species of the seals in the antarcic.the leopard seals are predators feeding on penguin,other sealsand fish.the only preditor for leopard seal is killer whales.

Leopard seals habitats.

Leopard seals are most common in southern hemisphere.there theets helpto catch the slippery penguins under water

Lepard seals favorite food

Leopard seals favorite food will probably be penguins even though they are very hard to cath and that makes the penguins even precios.


leopard seals whiskers feels for the fish in the helps the leopard seal by finding food leopard seals bodys are shaped to go in thev dark in that they have flippers.this helps the leopard seal to swim quik and move around.

life cycle of leopard seal

after nine months the female leopard seal digs a hole and has a baby.after she has the baby she wont eat for several days.the bayby leopard seal is called a pup.the mum nurses the bayby till one mont.then the bayby eats krill before going to hunt.

what they eat

leopard seal eats penguin,fish,squid,krill and birds.leopard seals drink sea water but are alergic to salt.

History of leopard seal

leopard seal is named after its black spotted cloth the patter of the skin is similar tothe famous big cat although the skin is grey rather than bieng golden.this seal is sometimes called a sea leopard.they are the most formidable hunters than all the other seals. they also come secont in the antarctic food chain

usefull body parts

their sharp theets are used to catchv the slippery penguins under water.they can cach thier prey either inthe water and on land