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April 2016

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Bethany Mission Statement

The Bethany Community values the life long learning of each child by supporting social, emotional, ethical, and academic development.

SIGS GRADES 1-5 registration closes May 13

SIGS is an optional summer school opportunity for students in the Gifted Program. Bethany students who attend SIGS will be at Robinson Middle School. Registration opens February 22. Registration is done on line. Cost for SIGS is $300 for four weeks.

SIGS Registration done by mail is sent to Plano ISD. See flyer for details.

Any parent wanting a hard copy of SIGS information, please email me. I can send a hard copy of the SIGS paperwork with your child.

SIGS Schedules are typically sent to campuses the LAST week of school. I will distribute schedules as soon as they arrive to Bethany. Bus schedules are included in that information packet sent home the last week. A bus will come to Bethany to take students to Robinson Middle School. The bus will then return students to Bethany at the end of the SIGS day. SIGS times are 7:45-11:45am.

I encourage families if your summer schedule permits, to participate in SIGS. It is a wonderful learning experience for our PACE students . Earlier registration increases the chances of getting the courses your child wants. Each student grades 1-4 will rotate through 3 different courses. You will be asked to select your top 5 courses. As for course selection, students should select courses of high interest. Simulations is always very popular. In my opinion, every course offered is exceptional.

Fifth Grade SIGS is a bit different. You will register for one course only for 5th graders. This course is called "Do Something" and is based on philanthropy. Fifth grade students will register as a MIDDLE SCHOOL student. In this course students will develop a product or service. Teams will develop a business plan and the culminating activity is a "Shark Tank" persuasive multi-media presentation. This is a new course...different from years past.

Registration for SIGS Grades 1-4

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SIGS Course Descriptions Grades 1-4

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SIGS Registration for 5th grade will register as Middle School

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PACE Progress Reports 1-5

Progress Reports are sent to PACE students Grades 1-5 in December and June. The progress reports will be sent home the last day of school. For those students not in attendance the last day of school, you have two options. If you come to Bethany over the summer, the unclaimed progress reports will be in my box so Mrs. Leigh Anne Hickman or Mrs. Dalia Pliley can get access to the pace reports. The second option is to collect the progress report the following school year.

EMAIL Communications

There have been a few emails from parents that ended up in "trash" which is done by the filtering system in our PISD email. I attempt to check "trash" emails once a week. If you have emailed and I have not responded same day or next day, then please call. I do my best to respond to all communications as soon as humanly possible.

Emails sent from "hotmail" accounts tend to get bounced into trash by our server so those are the ones that get lost sometimes.

Kindergarten PACE

The Kindergarten Unit in PACE is called Think About It. This unit focuses on advanced higher order thinking and problem solving skills. The standards for this unit include: logic, analysis, synthesis, problem identification, propose solutions, and evaluation. Students have learned about FFOE. Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration. We have studied analogies and logic grids. Students are learning to be creative, detailed, and use FFOE. It's a work in progress. They are doing well so far!


We are now in the unit called Bloom with Books. This is a unit in which students read different books as a spring board for cross curricular content and researching new information.

First graders read Diary of a Worm. We studied worm anatomy and how worms help the environment with compost piles. We used gummy worms for science experiments to study length and also breaking point of a gummy worm. We read Diary of a Spider and learned about spider anatomy. We have compared worms and spiders. After reading Chameleons Colors, students have learned that chameleons use camouflage and have a prehensile tail. Students are using the thesaurus to locate synonyms for color words. There is so much to learn about chameleons.

Next on our agenda- A Snake is Totally Tail.


Our unit is called Wonders of the World. Each student is research two aspects: a Wonder of the World and the country in which it is located. Students are finding out about their particular country through research. People, location, food, religion, cultural dress, recreation, and life in school are just a few aspects students are researching. The Google Slides presentations were WONDERFUL!!! I am so proud of their work.

Students are now creating their own country; including continent, capital, landforms, climate, culture for boys, culture for girls, paper money and coins, flag including 3 colors and one symbol, map of the country, latitude, longitude, legend, and compass rose. This has been a good challenge.

Next on our agenda- a race across the globe gathering facts and places of interest while visiting all 7 continents. Students will compete to see who travels the shortest distance to complete the world trip.


We are in the unit called AstroEco. Students have been busy researching both problems and solutions of space debris. Students have been excited to create some of their own solutions while discovering how scientists are trying to solve this problem. The final product will be a learning brochure to showcase their learning. Students are working on an on-going Astronomy Webquest with partners. We have learned about the life cycle of stars and the life cycle of our Sun. Students have learned about the composer Gustov Holst, who composed the suite "The Planets." The symphony music both entertained and provided knowledge about planets. Students are working creating their own Space Poetry after evaluating different space poems.

Next on our agenda--finish learning brochures about space debris, webquest, and poetry. All of these require time and focus to detail. More Space Learning Stations to come.


Fourth grade students have completed 9 programming tasks so far. The all time favorite was "FUN TASK." On this task students were able to get the EV3s to "dance." Mr. Bird enjoyed the students hard work come to fruition as this task took over 90 minutes to complete. Students had to articulate with each of the groups their flow chart for programming in order to coordinate and time this "dance" accurately. Students worked as a team and accomplished a goal that not many could master. Way to go 4th graders!

Students completed their sci fi class newspaper, Galaxy Gazette. Copies were sent home for families. Hope you enjoy their amazing creative writing styles! What a great newspaper!

Next on our agenda- writing a counter factual to the 3 Laws of Robotics. More programming.


Students have finished with the SMG Stock Market Game. Our last trade was made April 8. Rich Kids account totals $105,923. Cha Ching account totals $101,159. Intellectual Investors totals to $99,893. All teams began with $100k.

I am impressed with the dedication of all team members and their willingness to use grit. Students researched the companies and analyzed the data to determine which stocks to buy. Students included stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and short selling in their portfolio. This is something they will always remember.

My hope is that students see that the stock market as a tool that can be utilized to grow money (or lose money) and that this is an opportunity that not only applies to a game at school but to real life. Students are not experts at stock market; however they now have knowledge about what the stock market entails and how we can use money to grow money. I am proud of their hard work. Congratulations to all teams!

Next on our agenda- finishing up with SMG. Returning to the Law Unit.

Respectful Behavior in PACE

In the spring time I notice students begin to tire. Students have worked hard and are starting to see they have mastered new skills and have learned so much.

I want to take a few minutes to implore you to speak with your child about respectful behaviors while at school. We are all human and we have good days and bad days. Even parents too. Showing respect in a classroom setting is a life long habit that will carry them well into college. Overall students are performing well with this life skill. I want to keep that thriving. Students simply need to be reminded of basics: raise your hand before speaking, be patient, when others are speaking-listen, show the golden rule-treat others how you want to be treated.

Students in PACE are growing and learning constantly. Having a quick reminder from parents about respectful manners and behavior solidifies the collaborative team effort both parents and teachers play in the overall learning of our children. As always, I appreciate all you do to work in tandem with me so that our children in PACE have the best learning environment. I love my students to pieces!