Michael's Monday News at 6

The "Vacant Lot"

The garden is not much more than a vacant lot to some people. But, to others it is a beautiful creation.

The garden is a no fund place where people from all over the community come together and some become friends. They all learn to trust each other more than before.

They start little by little asking for favors. Then over time they got to where t`hey felt comfortable asking someone to take care of their garden while they were gone. Not one time would they worry about their plants on their vacation. The garden helped people help out seemingly strangers before the garden started.

Many people have bonded over the garden. It has help the community grow as a whole as well.

Picture Captions: This is the garden before the people of the community came together to make it beautiful place that the city because proud of.

Eat Dinner With The Royal Family

Saturday, July 30th 1768 at 7pm

At the castle

The royal family has heard of you and would like to invite you to eat dinner with them. This event will take place at dusk. The royal family will all enjoy a very nice roasted pig with you. The dinner will take place next week Wednesday, 30th. Come and enjoy the food and fun with the royal household!