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August 7, 2013

Text, email or phone?

In this mobile day and age, there are so many different ways to communicate with people. My husband, for example, hates to talk on the phone. He only likes text. Learning which way people communicate best is essential for your business. Finding what method of contact someone prefers can help you to communicate better.

For hostesses, when you book a party, ask them which they prefer. Some hostesses today will tell me it's easier to get a hold of them by Facebook even!! Figuring out which is the best way to communicate with them will help you to guiding your hostess to a more successful jewelry bar.

For mentoring, figuring out the best method of communication is essential. Again, some people prefer text, some email. Our business is all about relationship building, and you can't build a strong relationship without communicating. Talk to your designers and ask what works best for them, especially during their start as Origami Owl designers.

Sneak Peek

Check out a few images from some of our upcoming product revealed at convention!

Survey Time!!

Team Hedwig is your team. Help me make this team bigger and better. I can't do this without your help. Please take this survey by clicking here. The survey is anonymous. I appreciate your input!

Team Hedwig Monthly Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 22nd, 6-8pm


Come join us for our monthly meeting for Team Hedwig. More information to follow!!

Woo Hoo Wednesday Video

Check out the latest video below. Password is potter

2014 Convention Registration is now open!!

You don't want to miss out on our next convention July 24-26, 2014. Do you know if you sold just one charm every day for a year, and saved that commission for convention money, you would have $912.50. That would pay for your registration, hotel, food and shopping money!! Click here to register now!