Latin America country: Barbados

By:Joey parks

Background information/history

Barbados's capital is Bridgetown and some of its major cities are: Speighstown,Holetown,Oistins And Bridgetown. Some important history is that it was once controlled by Britin and in 1966 it gained independence from Britin. There official language is English but some people still do speak There native language. Here is the Barbarian flag:
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Geographical/political information

Barbados is located in the Carribian Islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean.Some physical features of it is that they have beaches,jungles and mountains.Barbados has a parilamentary democracy type of government and the leader of Barbaos is Freundel Stuart.

Economic/Tourist information

The currancy in Barbados is the barbarian dollar and the economic system is socialism.The reason people should go to this country is because of the

Nice beaches and beautiful sights.Things that tourists should do is go to the amazing beaches and explore the awesome caves that are in Barbados.

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