Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain


Antoni Gaudi was the oringinal person commissioned to do the Sagrada Famila in 1881. It was the idea of bookseller, Josep Bocabella. It is still under countruction today and is expected to be finished around 2026. The picture to the left is a picture of the church under countruction in 2014.

Gaudi wanted this to be a modernism type of architect. He thought while making this that God had all the time in the world. So he decided there was no rush in completing the Samgrada Famila. He started working on it in 1883, and left all other work to focus on the Sagrada Famila in 1910. Gaudi died in 1926, leaving the church 15-20% completed. To the right is a picture of the roof under construction.

My Opinion

I really like the design of the Sagrada Familia. I like the modernism of the church. I find it amazing how Gaudi not only designed this beautiful architect, but made it the tallest place of worship in the world. I admire that he thought of a God while designed and constructing the Sagrada Familia. I find this church mesmerizing and it would be cool to see it in person someday.
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Lydia Woodruff