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Classroom Spotlight

This week I am highlighting fourth grade students from Kathy Elkin's classroom at Victory. I spent some time the last couple of days showing them the basics of logging into their Google accounts. Once logged in, we created, shared and commented on documents in our Drive. I really appreciated being invited in to "train the trainers!" If you have an activity planned, would like assistance with one, or would like some ideas, please feel free to contact me using the Tech Training Form, emailing me at zacherle@fasd.k12.pa.us or calling me at 432-2121 ext. 142. I would love to hear from you!

Google Doc Experts

Since arriving back to school this month, I got the opportunity to spend some time with Lela, Ayman, Mackenzie, Grace, Colten and Adam from Kathy Elkin's fourth grade classroom at Victory to get them comfortable using Google Docs. We learned that using Google Chrome as our web browser worked best while working in Google Docs, how to log in to our accounts, create a new document, share it and comment. We completed an Animal Camouflage WebQuest that Ms. Elkin created and shared our answers with her. Now these fourth graders are ready to show the rest of the class what they know when the whole class begins to use Google Docs next week! Great job, fourth grade! You were a pleasure to work with! Ms. Eklin and I agreed that this was a great way to transition a class into using Google Docs. If you would like help getting a class set up, let me know!

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Twitter Chat of the Month

Participating in Twitter chats is a great way to build up your PLN (Professional Learning Network). Create an account and start building! The chat I am highlighting this month can be found under #edtechchat . On Monday nights teachers and administrators gather for #edtechchat at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. This chat lasts until 9 p.m. and highlights a different moderator each week. Some of the most inspiring and influential tech leaders moderate this chat. The last chat in December was hosted by New Jersey high school principal, Eric Sheninger. This chat focuses on three to four questions that the moderator has developed. He or she takes answers from participants for ten-fifteen minutes each, responds to some and then poses another question. I am never disappointed when I join in! At the time and date, go to Twitter and search for #edtechchat. A topic announced at the beginning of the hour guides all participating. The fun part, though, is developing virtual friendships with folks from all over the globe.

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Please contact me through the Tech Training Request Form, email or phone to schedule collaboration. My phone ext. is 142. I would love to hear from you!

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