Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's Magnet- Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Beliefs


We believe all students are capable of learning, especially when provided authentic and engaging opportunities.


We believe teachers facilitate student learning by creating positive and effective classroom communities and by collaborating with colleagues and parents.


We believe parental involvement is a significant component to students’ academic performance and success.


We believe developing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and the community is important to our school’s success.


We believe 21st Century learning is best achieved in a nurturing, authentic, and collaborative environment.


We believe administrators’ support is necessary to empower faculty, staff, parents, and the community to prepare 21st Century learners.

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A Message from KNN Kids

Please continue to add names to the document, we would like to know who is really standing out as a LEADING LION in your classroom. We love hosting these students on the news!

Lesson Plan Reminder

Please submit all lesson plans to the shared folder in google drive by 7:30 a.m. Monday morning. If you are a related arts teacher, please submit your plans prior to each A day.


Please make sure ALL Academic Hallway Displays and Classroom Wall Displays Are Covered During Testing.

We will be participating in state testing next week. Students in grades 3-5 will be taking the SC READY ELA and Math tests on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We are asking that Kindergarten, first, and second grade classes keep their movement in the hallway at a minimum. A revised lunch schedule will be shared in a separate email. This will be our schedule for all 3 days of testing.

Please adhere to the schedule so that our afternoon will run smoothly. Students in grade 3-5 will go straight to the cafeteria when they arrive on those mornings for a hot breakfast.

K-2 students will go to their classes as normal. All instructional assistants that normally have hall duty, should report to the cafeteria to monitor student breakfast.

If you have questions about your role, please see Ms. Gore. 3-5 grade teachers, if you will be here on testing days prior to 7:30, please let Ms. Gore know so that she can finalize the materials pick-up schedule. Thank you for your assistance.

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Spring Love

This is the toughest time of the school year. It is spring and the spring fever hits all of us very hard. We can handle this annual visitor. While it appears that many of our students have taken leave of all they have been taught this year and in many instances we are ready to give up on them, let’s remember, we are their best hope for a bright tomorrow. With that in mind, let’s bring to them each day our positive attitude, our high expectations, our care and concern, and our best planning and preparation. You can make a difference in their lives the remainder of the year as you have done to this point. Don’t get bitten by the spring fever bug. It is a contagious disease! We can do this. And I know YOU can for the children!

The PTO would like to purchase T-shirts for you all for Teacher Appreciation Week. Please add your name to the size you would like. For example, if you would like a ladies Medium, put your name in the column under the word ladies M. Please add your size by Monday, April 25th so we can get the order ready. Thank you! Here is the link for the google doc:

Recess Safety

Teachers, we have had an increase in playground injuries this week. Please continue to be vigilant in your supervision on the playground. Please review playground safety with students during morning meeting. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

T-Shirts for Leadership Day

We will be delivering blue Leading Lion t-shirts to your classrooms for your students to wear on Friday for Leadership Day. Please don’t pass them out until Thursday, April 28th.

Leading Lion Bracelets

We would have liked to have rewards throughout the next few weeks to celebrate the students who have earned a certain number of bracelets. We will not be able to do this as a whole school until the final week of school when we host a grand finale celebration for students who have earned 6 or more. We do encourage you to have incentives along the way if you’d like. You could have one team member give students who have earned 3 or more an extra recess. You could have students who have earned 4 or more eat lunch with you in the classroom.(These are just examples.) Keep in mind they are earning a bracelet and that is pretty cool by itself. :) It is so neat to see them accumulating on their arms. As adults in the building, we can also praise them in the hallways when we see students wearing them.

Lights in Classrooms

Teachers, please count the number of lights in your classroom that are not working and complete a work order by Wednesday, April 27, 2016. It important that you do so because they will be coming to replace them soon.

A Message from Mrs. Porter!

Try Board Builder! Create your next unit or have your students create a Board! If you would like for me to introduce a project using Board Builder I would love to do this with your class. I can answer all of the "tough questions"!

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Techie of the Week

Mrs. Savage

Mrs. Savage has not been with us long, but she has already begun the planning process for technology integration in her class. Mrs. Savage booked a planning session and will have her students creating "Digital Posters" for their Animal Unit. This will be an ELA grade for her students as they will be exploring thier research and writing standards while learning a TON in Science. Kudos to you Mrs. Savage and Welcome to the Den!


Ms. Jessica Foster- 4/24

Mr. William Owens-4/25

Mr. Jarette Pendergrass-4/28

Ms. Camice Ortiz-4/29

Happy Birthday!

A Closer Look

Week of April 25, 2016

Guidance Rotation Week

Monday, April 25

Leadership Team Meeting -3:30 - 5pm

Student Showcase Update Deadline

Kindergarten Teachers will take their BrightBytes Survey

Tuesday, April 26

SC READY Writing 3rd - 5th

Interim Reports go out

2nd Grade Field Study to the Zoo

1st Grade Teachers will take their BrightBytes Survey

Wednesday, April 27

SC READY - Reading 3rd -5th

Thursday, April 28

SC READY - Math 3rd - 5th

2nd Grade Teachers will take their BrightBytes Survey

Friday, April 29th

Leadership Day

Girls Leadership Trip

SC READY Make Up day

Pre Ordered Food Truck (Remember $10)

Looking Ahead...

PE Rotation Week

Monday, May 2

SC READY Make Up day

Full Faculty Meeting

Book Fair Begins

Tuesday, May 3

5th Grade Teachers and Students will complete the BrightBytes Survey

Extended Hours for the Book Fair 2:30 - 4pm

Wednesday, May 4

4th Grade Teachers and Students will complete the BrightBytes Survey

Thursday, May 5

Parent Academy 7:15 - 8:15

3rd Grade Teachers and Students will complete the BrightBytes Survey

Friday, May 6

5th Grade Field Study to JCC and Memorial Garden

Kindergarten Field Study to City Roots

$5.00 Jewelry Sets for Sale for Mother's Day

First Breakfast

Our Latest Publication....

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Boys Leadership and Beta Club Members had a great morning at Spelman and Morehouse College(s) ..."visiting the Spelman Chapel where Dr. King's Wake was held put all of us in awe of the historical nature of this visit." They even found time to enjoy the Georgia Aquarium while in Atlanta.

Corinthia Dunlap