A Foodie’s Dream

A Parisian Food Break for Two

Hardens, a well-established London and UK restaurant guide, has faithfully provided foodies just like you with reviews on the best and worst places to eat and drink in the UK since 1991. All reviews published have been provided by Harden’s dedicated readership, and they have a special announcement for readers who share their reviews on their survey site.

Whenever you visit a new restaurant in London or anywhere else in the UK, you can share your reviews at http://bit.ly/hardenssurvey. Once you submit 5 reviews, you will automatically receive a free copy (or smartphone app) of Harden’s 2016 Restaurant Guide, which retails at £16. You will also be automatically entered into a draw to win a fabulous food-focused break for two in Paris!

Is there anything you else you need to know about this fantastic Paris giveaway? Yes, there is! The closing date for the draw is June 4 and everyone who takes part is subject to the terms and conditions. For example, you must submit a minimum of 5 reviews to have a chance to win this wonderful food break for two.

The details of your Parisian food experience:

  • Travel arranged by Eurostar
  • Accommodation includes stay in a luxury apartment courtesy of Airbnb
  • An exclusive, personalized Parisian food and wine experience for two with trip4real encompassing Gallic cuisine and the best French wine
  • Tours by one of the most popular local food and drink experts

How can you be sure that your survey has been recorded and saved? Good question! Every time you make a nomination on our survey site, the database is updated and automatically saves your entries. The beauty about this is that you can you leave the survey and come back to it as many times as you like until the contest closing date of June 4. So, no need to worry! Your entry won’t be missed.

It’s nice to know that food-lovers such as yourself can enjoy the convenience of planning your next visit to a restaurant or pub with ease, knowing that others who have visited that particular location have given their honest thoughts, opinions, and ratings. When it comes to dining out, no one wants a bad experience! Let other’s help you avoid a bad experience and help other people avoid them too. How else will they know if a restaurant is worth a visit or not?

You can continue to help foodies find the best food spots in the UK by visiting http://bit.ly/hardenssurvey and record your restaurant reviews where Harden’s will publish your feedback in their 2016 Restaurant Guide. Besides, who doesn’t want to have the chance to go to Paris? There’s only one way to know if that lucky winner will be you!