Detroit, Michigan

By Brittany Anderson

Population (2013)


Metro Population:


Median Household Incomes

Occupied Housing Units: $26,955

Owner-Occupied Housing Units: $38,938

Renter-Occupied Housing Units: $17,158


Under 18 Years Old: 52.7% Below the Poverty Level

18-64 Years Old: 35.1% Below the Poverty Level

65 Years and Over: 20.1% Below the Poverty Level

School District Data

77.2% High School Graduate or Higher

K-12th Grade

Public School: 93.8%

Private School: 6.2%


Public School: 91.8%

Private School: 8.2%

Elementary (Grades 1-4)

Public School: 92.6%

Private School: 7.4%

Elementary (Grades 5-8)

Public School: 93.7%

Private School: 6.3%

High School (Grades 9-12)

Public School: 95.2%

Private School: 4.8%

College; Undergraduate

Public School: 80.8%

Private School: 19.2%

College; Graduate

Public School: 65.2%

Private School: 34.8%


Violent Crime Rate (Number of violent crimes per 100,000 people): 656.8

Murder Rate (Number of murders and non-negligent manslaughter per 100,000 people): 10.1

Rape Rate (Number of forcible rapes per 100,000 people): 32.1

Robbery Rate (Number of robberies per 100,000 people): 194.3

Aggravated Assault Rate (Number of aggravated assaults per 100,000 people): 420.3

Property Crime Rate (Number of property crimes per 100,000 people): 3,071.1

Burglary Rate (Number of burglaries per 100,000 people) 835.8

Larceny Rate (Number of larcenies per 100,000 people) 1,723.0


Births by C-Section: 29.6%

Low-Birth Weight: 7.3%

Preterm Births: 11.3%

Births to Unmarried Mothers: 39.8%

Births to Teenage Mothers: 9.6%

Physical Environment

Number of people per square foot: 1,137.6

Number of Governments (general purpose and single-purpose): 375

Land Area in Square Miles: 3,914.1

Annual hours of delay due to traffic congestion per auto commuter: 40

Annual cost of traffic congestion per auto commuter (extra fuel costs, etc): $859

Travel time to work: 26.4 Minutes


Number of home purchase loans: 26,150

Number of refinance loans: 44,731

Number of home purchase loan applications: 40,189

Number of refinance loan applications: 76,982

Foreclosure Rate: 5.9%

Home ownership rate: 70.9%

Number of owner-occupied housing units: 1,193,402

Share of homeowners with a mortgage: 72.2%

Share of households in single-unit structures: 74.7%

Share of households in multi-unit structures: 21.8%

Avg.value of owner-occupied housing units: $59,700

Persons per household: 2.74

Veteran Status: 37,492

Gulf War (9/2001 or later): 5.2%

Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001): 10%

Vietnam Era: 35.8%

Korean War: 11.5%

World War II: 9.3%

Education Attainment: Head of Household

Adults without a high school diploma: 36%

Adults with a bachelors degree or higher: 47%


Share of population living in high poverty neighborhood:

Hispanic: 39.3%

Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander: 10.7%

Non-Hispanic Black: 57.1%

Non-Hispanic White:4.8%

Share of population living in a very high poverty neighborhood:

Hispanic: 2.8%

Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander: 2.1%

Non-Hispanic Black: 8.3%

Non-Hispanic White: 0.5%

Exposure to neighborhoods with crowded housing:

Hispanic: 6.8%

Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander: 3.8%

Non-Hispanic Black: 6.8%

Non-Hispanic White: 2.6%

Exposure to neighborhoods with households receiving public assistance income

Hispanic: 12.5%

Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander: 5.9%

Non-Hispanic Black: 20.5%

Non-Hispanic White: 5.2%

Exposure to neighborhoods with Single Mom Households

Hispanic: 16.5%

Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander: 8%

Non-Hispanic Black: 23.2%

Non-Hispanic White: 6.3%

Children’s Exposure to neighborhood poverty: 11.7%

Children’s Exposure to neighborhood unemployment: 7%


Segregation of population: Dissimilarity with Non-Hispanic Whites by Race/Ethnicity

Non-Hispanic Black


Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander




Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native


Segregation of population: Isolation by Race/Ethnicity

Non-Hispanic Black


Non-Hispanic White




Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native


Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander


Segregation of Population: Exposure to Whites by race/ethnicity

Non-Hispanic Black




Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native


Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander