The Finisher

David Baldacci - Jarrett Begley - Block 4

The Characters in The Finisher

The protagonist in the story is a girl named Vega Jane. She is a Wugmort that has a mysterious family past. In the story Vega encounters a lot of horrible monsters and two big buff super strong men. Delph is a supporting character that likes Vega and helps her into the Quag and he helps her escape. He also is one of the reasons that Vega doesn't give up. He's a strong friend and has won the last three duelams. Margron is a member of the council that is a sorceress that has lived for generations in different bodies. She took Vega's brother Jon without permission.

Setting of the Finisher

The setting is a town in the middle of nowhere named Wormwood and these people-ish things live there and they are called Wugmorts. Wugmorts act much like humans but are not humans at all. Their town is in the middle of a place called the Quag a dangeros place filled with creatures like the Jabbit a snake with 250 heads and even more horrifying things deeper in the Quag.

Conflict and Plot in The Finisher

The conflict is man vs. man because Vega is trying to figure out the mystery to her grandfather's event (when and how they died) and finds out much more then what she is looking for.

Theme in The Finisher

The theme in the Finisher is that even though things get hard you have to push through and get there no mater what.

The Review of The Finisher

I really liked The Finisher because it's a great book. The Finisher will pull you in and get you reading. It makes you think, what's going to happen next? The book has a descent amount of characters. The story is fantastic and complex yet very easy to follow. The plot is interesting. It makes me feel excited and worried at the same time. The monsters and magical items are what make the book fun to read. In conclusion I recomend the book to everyone who whats to read it.
January 22, 2015

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