Mrs. Katona's Art Class

Fifth Graders

Recycle to Upcycle

Fifth Grade

Recycled Art Project

(This project does not include a quiz, a test, research,

rough drafts or costumes)

Each fifth grader is required to create one sculpture made out of junk or items that they find lying around their house. It can be from their recycling bin, hidden in those junk drawers, rescued from the basement, or made out of the stuff that is living under their bed. The goal is to show children that you don't have to buy supplies to make something. There is a good chance that if you use your imagination you can find the supplies you need inside the walls of your house, or a relatives house, or on the street at trash night.

Keep in mind, when deciding on what to make out of found junk, that it should be something that people can easily identify. Examples of sculptures that have been done in the past were, a lamp, a purse, a coffee maker, and a mouse trap. You can use anything you want to attach the items from glue, to nails, to screws, to duck tape. Be sure that it is well built, secure and yes, attractive. This is an art project. Please include an index card with your name, the name of the project and a list of the objects you used to create your sculpture. Keep in mind, that during the art class critique, the artist will share their project after the rest of the class has voted on whether or not they can easily identify and name what the object that was created.

Enjoy and have fun, Mrs. Katona

Due Tuesday January 19, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help my child with this project?

Yes you can! Feel free to work with your child in coming up with ideas or helping them to secure the project. This can be a great opportunity to show your child how to use a drill, saw, hammer, glue gun, awe, and much more. Students in the past were happy to report that they were allowed to use a new tool or item for the first time with help from their mom, dad or grandparent.

Can I buy something that I can find, but I think the project needs?

My first answer is "No". Let your child learn to be resourceful, even if it means asking around the neighborhood or their friends for something they don't have. It builds character and creativity. The only time that I have said "Yes" was to purchase spray paint after all other avenues to find it failed.

Can I wait until the last minute to get started?

No, this project, if done correctly, should take a several days from coming up with an idea to implementing the idea, to realizing the idea is not working, to coming up with a new and better idea, and implementing that one or the one that follows. Please start as soon as possible.

Remember- These are important sculptures displayed at our upcoming Art Show!