London's Favorite News broadcast

Report by: Krystal Smith

Leviathan Lands In London

The gigantic, living airship known as the Leviathan landed in front of the Majesty's London Zoo yesterday. Waiting to board it was Dr. Barlow, a boffin, with a new top-secret creation destined for the Sultan of the Ottoman empire. Can't wait for the news of this mysterious creatures. The crowd surrounding the Leviathan was shocked by her choice of transport, but nevertheless, the airship would get her there faster. Of course, Dr. Barlow's choice of transport was the Leviathan, as she was one of its fabricators and therefore knew her journey would be smooth and filled with thrills.

As the Leviathan landed a few midshipmen clambered down. One of them ran off to the zoo while another grabbed some volunteer men out of the crowd to hold the ropes to keep the beastie down. Shock spread through the crowd and horror for the Monkey Luddites. The Monkey Luddites rejected the idea of having fabrications, almost as much as the dirty Clankers. Clankers, those filthy humans with their toxic air and their disgusting machines. The funny thing is, why don't the Monkey Luddites just go live and the filthy Clankers.

Soon Dr. Barlow, along with the midshipman and two scientists carrying a mysterious crate arrived. After some time, a frightening sound came from the Leviathan. This sound scared the volunteer men into letting go. The Leviathan prepared for Dr. Barlow's boarding including her outfits and crate of unknown contents. After some time, a bunch of midshipmen came off and went to the military. Then the Leviathan left. Everyone in the crowd went back to their day to day basis after a moment of shocked silence.