Good Things Newsletter

May 2016 Edition

Summer Is Drawing Near...We are in the Home Stretch!

The official countdown to the end of the school year has begun. It's hard to believe our final weeks of the 2015-2016 school year are drawing to a close. As a staff, we have learned to Embrace The Chaos (#ETC) with all of the construction, implementing and learning to use Blackboard Learn, overcoming the learning curves with Mastery Connect and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When we have visitors on campus, our Tech/Media team is always asked what the secret to our success is here in Mooresville. Hands down and without a doubt we give the credit to an Amazing staff of teachers, admins, support personnel, custodians, cafeteria workers, maintenance crews and everyone else who makes the day to day goings on happen here.

As your Tech and Media team, we are blessed to work with each of you daily and look forward to continuing to work with you all for the remainder of this year and the school years to come.

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Tech Checkup: A Note About Collection

We will be doing a “rolling” collection this year after exams. Basically, students will be able to turn in their laptops after their last exam. So, if they exempt 3rd and 4th period exams they can turn their laptops in on the afternoon of the 2nd exam. We will be having a collection for the last day in which most students will turn in their computers. News on that is coming up.

News from the Media Center

In collaboration with the Help Desk, we’re cataloging the various ELA texts that students read at MHS. Each book will be labeled with a scannable barcode so that we can digitally inventory the novels and plays that students are assigned for their English classes. This will also help in the reporting of lost and damaged department books at the end of each semester.

Some AP teachers have also expressed interest in having their textbooks catalogued for the 2016-17 school year. Please let us know if you want your AP textbooks catalogued, too!

Thanks to a partnership between NCDPI and Capstone, every MGSD student and classroom teacher has access to myON, an online collection of over 5,000 eBooks. Designed to address summer learning loss, this personalized literacy program carries out the mission of the annual Give Five - Read Five campaign and meets students’ reading interests and needs. Read more about myON.

Students can login here with their school name and student ID#. The password is: myon

Teachers can enter the site with their 10-digit # for Power School as their username.

Cool Tool: Question and Answer Capability Has Been Added to Google Slides

"This week Google added an awesome Q&A feature to Google Slides. The Q&A feature is found in the revamped presentation mode of Google Slides. With the Q&A feature enabled you can send your audience to a specific URL at which they enter questions. Your audience can vote for their favorite questions." ~Richard Byrne

Check out the link below for more information on how to use the Q&A feature in Google Slides.

Instructional Highlight: Cameron Mellon---CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Cameron Mellon QR Hunt FB

Making It Through The Last Few Weeks

Check out some strategies on how to Maximize your instructional time these last few weeks as well as some Remediation strategies to get ready for exams.

You've Been Busted! TOY and BTOY

Congratulations to Lindsay Knippenberg and Nic Allen on being named MHS's 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year and Beginning Teacher Of The Year.

The Best Commencement Speeches EVER

Are you looking for a last minute motivational lesson you can send your students off with for the summer? Check out the link to NPR's website on The Best Commencement Speeches Ever. In addition to NPR's site, we are including a link to another website called Graduation Wisdom which may provide some additional lesson plan ideas.

Whose Up For Getting Fit This Summer? Join in the Step Challenge

This summer we are going to continue our Fitbit Challenge. For those that are interested read below. If you are looking for some motivation to get moving this may serve a good purpose for you.

History of the Fitbit Challenge: Over the last 13 weeks MHS has had 36 people in teams of 3 competing for complete step domination. We’ve kept a running tally of who won each week and who lost each week. It’s been great for all of us that decided to get a move on. Overall we’ve taken more than 27 MILLION steps. We have 1 more week left until we finish our current challenge.

Evolution of the Challenge: This summer we are opening it up to more than using Fitbits. You can use whatever fitness tracker you want. If you don’t have a fitness tracker and would like one let Damien know.

If you don’t have Fitbit or Fitbit Account then we’ll have have to use a service called Stridekick to keep up with steps across the different platforms. Stridekick works with:

  • Apple Watch

  • Garmin

  • Withings

  • Jawbone

  • Apple iPhone

  • Misfit

Damien will help anyone set up this account if they are interested.

If you’re interested in being a part of the summer fitness challenge, email Damien. Please email Damien by Monday, May 16th.

The Challenge will start on May 23rd!!!

P.S.: Our current Fitbit challenge will end next week.

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