Greek Life

Manners Matter

I have always been told that when I am overseas people just aren't as nice as they usually are back in the states (southern in particular). For the two weeks that I have lived in Greece I have not noticed anyone being in particularly rude, just not as outgoing as I am accustomed to. However, that all changed when I went skiing on our Peloponnese trip. Waiting in line to ride the ski slope, it's something that everyone has to do when they go skiing. Not in Greece! As I peacefully wait my turn in line, countless amounts of people just walk around the ropes and hop in front of me like I don't exist. Parents would even walk up with their kids and just push their way right past me. Signome!! When I have been skiing in Colorado everyone waits their turn, and if you don't, someone will call you out on it. I am not sure whether it is because they can see I am American and take advantage of it, or if that is just how they handle things here, but regardless I was not a fan.
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