The Pilgrims

and how the stereo types apply to them

The Pilgrims

The Prioress

The Prioress is supposed to be a nun and a lady of faith. Nuns are to take vows of poverty and vows of abstinence along with other thing. The Prioress is may look like she meet all the things to make her a perfect example of the nun stereo type but in reality she is none of them. She is actually very far from being a perfect nun, she is very fake because she likes to have money and she is not abstinent.

The Cook

The Cook is a man that look discussing with a ulcer on his knee and is often written off as unwanted man that no one want to talk to because of the way he looks. In reality the Cook is a good man that anyone would be lucky to have as a friend but because of the stereo type of people that have ulcer and other things on there bodies no one wants to talk to him.

The Friar

A man of god, one who is suppose to be nothing but good and help people and they take a vow of poverty but our Friar is not like this. He goes around seducing women and taking all the money that they have and that is not something that he should do but when someone sees him they see a man of god and don't suspect that he will do this and then he will convince you to give him all your money.

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