My Digital Footprint Evaluation

Isela Martinez

  1. The importance of a digital footprint

A digital footprint is basically your social media and its importance is that it can affect your career in the future.

2. Tools and purpose

  • Twitter
  • blogger
  • Instagram


The purpose of twitter is so i can post pictures, and express my ideas. This is saying that in the future when i want to get a job , the people can look me up and they can see my background and that my twitter is a good profile.


The purpose of blogger is so people can see pictures and the recipes that I've made. This is saying that I don't post bad things and it will probably not affect my career in the future and that my blog is a positive website.


The purpose of Instagram is so that people can see the recipes that I've made. This is saying that i don't post inappropriate pictures.

Impact can footprint have on my future

My Footprint can be helpful in many ways. An example of this is that when i want to get a a job, they can see that i don't post inappropriate things.

I think that my Footprint wont be harmful because i know that the things i post aren't bad.

Continue to improve identity

  • I can keep posting quality pictures
  • keep people updated

Most important thing I've learned about maintaining a positive footprint

I've learned that maintaining a positive footprint isn't hard and it can impact your footprint in a good way. For example, Getting a good career.