Psycholgy Professional Interview

By: Dori Fousek

Background infomation

Psychology is the study the human brain and behaviors to help patients overcome emotional and abnormal thoughts. This job requires a masters or doctoral degree. The doctoral degree is an advancement in this field which have to start with counseling and clinical before being licensed for individual practice. To advance in this field this requires a PH.D and a Psy.D. Also programs accredited by American Psychological Association (APA). Becoming a Psychologist internships are recommended to get full experience in this field. Psychologists can treat and diagnose mental illnesses and allows people to understand more about the body and how the mind work together.

Healthcare Interview

Interviewed- Catherine Crutcher

Position/company- NISD Psychologist

Date of Interview- 10/13/15

Interview- One on one, Dori Fousek

Interview with Catherine Crutcher

Mrs. Crutcher has been a school Psychologist for the past 10 years. Her career began in Allen ISD which she worked for one year as a school psychologist. NISD, then became her primary focus and has worked for the campus for 9 years. In order for her to become successful, Mrs. Crutcher completed 7 years of collage at Texas Women's University. This is not a profession that can be completed in high school, this field requires a masters to doctoral degree. Originally she thought she would become a teacher to work with children but the discovery of having school psychology gave her a huge interest. Opportunities in advancement are possible because she isn't able to have her own private practice or business. However, Mrs. Crutcher does have tuition reimbursement after 10 years of becoming a school Psychologist.

Personal Information regarding Psychology

Mrs. Crutcher has had many interesting cases, but the most striking and challenging projects she took on was at Northwest High school. The special education students she assisted were in and unhealthy mental state which was challenging for these students to work daily in school. Her goal for these students was to complete and graduate high school. After hard dedication she succeeded her goal and as well did the students. Typically her days at work are not all in the same location. She is a school Psychologist at many schools such as, Northwest, Eaton, Hatfield elementary and Schuster Elementary. This giving her the freedom of setting her own schedule, which ever schools need her that specific day. Her average week is from 50-60 hours a week including constant phone calls on weekends. The vacation time she gets during the summer is 6-7 weeks and the traditional breaks including Christmas and spring break.This job profession is always in need of new candidates. People will always need help in certain situations which is making the demand for Psychologist higher. Mrs. Crutcher also states that she still sees herself working with children at the NISD compass. The most fascinating outlook on her job is she sees different cases everyday. In this field nothing stays the same, there will always be something remarkably different about each individual person or diagnosis. To be in this field you have to have patients and determination for each child. This career always will have something new and exciting to look forward to. As well as the satisfaction in helping people in need.