AIESEC in Thailand

Matching Mania

Be Brave this Summer

We invite you to match with us to deliver the biggest Summer for AIESEC in Thailand as we have 250+ EPs for this summer to be matched.

Our EPs are well screened and prepared with an OPS before realization to enhance their , along with proper expectation setting for the experience.

We look forward to LCs providing quality learning experiences to our EPs and to create a bigger impact in their entities :D

Please go through the instructions of the Matching Mania. Let's Match :D


  1. Register yourself :
  2. Skype name format : Name_LCName_Country_TN
  3. Add us on Skype (our skype id : aiesec.thailand2)
  4. First 15 minutes of Matching Mania, the TN Managers will promote Project.(One region will promote at a time to avoid spamming)
  5. One LC , shall post once for one project. (Spamming is not allowed)
  6. Next 15 minutes of Matching Mania, the EPs will post their preferences.
  7. Then the TN Managers and EPs can move to personal chat based on their mutual preference(and conduct interviews)

Steps 3-4-5 will be repeated again.


Round 1

Date : 30th March
Time : 4:30pm - 6pm ( GMT +7)
Place : Skype
ID : aiesec.thailand2

Round 2

Date : 31st March

Time : 8:30pm - 10pm ( GMT +7)
Place : Skype
ID : aiesec.thailand2

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes