Hunter's Creed

I believe that in the future i will use the skills i have in agriculture to make good decisions, and be responsible in my life to do better as a man. I believe that I will tell people about god and use my knowledge and wisdom to spread the word of christ. I believe that for vacation i will be able to help out in the future, and learn more and more about other people. I believe my purpose in life is to live as a responsible man.
I believe that life will be challenging there will be the hard times, and there will be good times. Just live life normally, and have a great time, be successful in life, and don't coward out of things you wanna do, and just do it.
I believe that you need to work hard in life to success earlier on. Don't become lazy that will only make things harder on you. I believe that in the future i will make a difference on other peoples life.