Marielena Caporaletti

Hello people

  1. Welcome to my webpage my name is MARIELENA CAPORALETTI I am 18 years old I live with my mom and I have 2 cats and 2 dogs I live in Pennsylvania. I was born with a bilateral cleft plate and cleft lip I also have PDD ADHD and I was also adopted at age 3. I am awesome, funny and smart.

Favorite things

My favorite food are red apples and red bell peppers

My favorite book is Your one year old

My favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time

My favorite class in school is History

My favorite music is A capella, pop

My favorite artists are pentatonix

My favorite animal are dogs

My favorite sports are football and lacrosse

This year I have a best buddy named Emma, last year My buddy was Carly and in 10th grade I had Rayna and in 9th grade I was with Tory.

My favorite sports team are the Philadelphia EAGLES