Mariner Minutes

January 13th, 2022

Principal's Message

Thank you for continuing to practice mask wearing and diligent symptom checking! From the week beginning December 27th to the week beginning January 3rd Erie county saw a 100% increase of reported Covid-19 cases. Compared to the same time last year it is nearly three times higher. Masks are still voluntary, however it is still strongly recommended to continue wearing them. Please continue to be diligent in symptom checking and remaining home if sick to help maintain a healthy in-person learning environment.

Thank you to those who have already completed the survey. Your feedback is valuable to identifying where to grow and better our school. Below is a survey that was designed in conjunction with the School Advisory Committee to better understand where the school can improve and grow to continue to provide your students and future students with an exceptional Catholic education. I invite all of our families to provide feedback through the survey and then attend our open forum parent meeting on Thursday, January 20th at 5pm in the school gym where the results will be discussed. If you would prefer a paper copy of the survey, please let the office know and one can be supplied.

Thank you!

At Home Covid-19 Test Kits

Erie County Health Department allocated at-home Covid-19 test kits for schools. Our supply is limited, but if you are interested in receiving a kit, please email Mr. Mitchell at and we can get a kit to your family. Limit 1 kit per family.

Catholic Schools Week Concert

Thursday, February 3rd during Catholic Schools Week we will hold a music and band concert to highlight our students. Our students have been working hard learning new music and instruments and we want to give them the opportunity to show off their talents. The concert will be held at 2pm outside in the cove next to the school office (weather permitting-will move to gym if needed). We will record the concert and it will be available for families.

Catholic Schools Week Concert

Thursday, February 3rd


MAP Testing

Most of our students completed their MAP Assessments this week. We will be completing remaining tests next week and once all tests are completed we will have family reports ready. Those will come home with students once we have completed our testing session. This test session provides valuable data that helps drive educational decisions for the school as well as at an individual level too. Please check out the NWEA MAP Family Toolkit for additional information on the MAP Growth test.

Preschool Corner

Please remember to send your child in dressed appropriately for the weather. Our Preschool utilizes the playground/outdoor space as much as possible for gross motor time and students should have appropriate dress for cooler temperatures, including jackets. They will continue to use the playground as long as temperatures and playground area are safe for play.

Reminder - please provide an extra change of clothes with your child in their backpack.

Classroom Spotlight

Kindergarten music was tons of fun! They were practicing "Here I Go" and doing the motions for the song too. Then as a fun twist at the end they all struck their best "rockstar" pose. They were having a blast singing, dancing, and posing.
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Upcoming Events

Covid Symptom Screening

Last year, we were able to remain in-person learning in large part due to the vigilance of our families by doing daily screenings of symptoms of children before arriving at school. The goal is to again remain in-person and pre-screening for Covid-19 symptoms prior to arriving at school is a great strategy to stay in-person. Please check daily for symptoms. If your child is not feeling well, exhibiting symptoms, and/or seem sick, please keep them home and allow them to rest and get healthy before returning to school. To return with after any Covid symptom there needs to be 24 hours symptom free without use of medication. We will make accommodations necessary to ensure your child is able to get missed work and get caught up upon returning.
Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
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What To Do If Sick?

If your family or student were exposed to a Covid-19 positive individual outside of school, please remain home and contact us. If you have any questions on symptoms, please contact your medical provider, the Erie County Health Department, and/or the school.

The minimum to return after symptoms begin - All of the following criteria must be met:

- It has been 10 days since symptoms/exposure started.

- The symptoms have improved

- Student has not had a fever for the last 24 hours (without assistance of fever-reducing medication).

- Provide a medical note clearing to return to school.

*If quarantined, please provide the return to school notice from the health department*


Anyone interested in volunteering, please make sure you follow the volunteer guidelines posted on the website. Virtus trainings can be found here. If you have any questions regarding Virtus trainings and background checks please email Mr. Mitchell at

Building Reservations

For any reservations of the school or parish areas such as the gym, please send all requests to reserve space to Betty Nunn at and Elisha Valladares-Cormier at Try to provide requests in advance. Thank you!