Roman Citizenship

By Alondra Salazar , Martin Campas, and Breanna Rodriguez 😊

What is roman citizenship? 🤔

Roman citizenship is diffrent laws and rules in roman times about people and their rights!

Citizenship of Rome!

1.)citizenship belongs to all people

2.) Rights of Citizenship

-able to vote

-hold officials

-they own property and write contracts

- Go to court

Some pictures of roman times

Laws 🤓

Main laws are:

1.) marriage

2.) inheritance- what a family gets when a member dies

3.) contracts between people

Roman Juctice 😎

Natural law giving every citizen rights

connected to life,liberty & pursuit of happiness

Where do we see that the united states

judges made court decisions from trials & evidence

Punishments 🤔

1.) fit the crime committed

-fine- pays money


-banishment - have to leave rome


-execution if guilty reason

Patricide - killing your father, was punished by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten, harder work,or often crucified