Chinese Schools of Thought

by Autumn Watkins


The philospher was Confucius.His sayings were all put in a special book called the Analects. In Confucianism they believe in respecting the people older than you like your parents and grandparents. Confucianism's goal was to reform the society by showing the rulers how to govern wisley. The government was incharge of looking out for the people's health. The people were also encouraged to follow the rulers example to show wisdom. This all occured during the Han dynasty.


The philospher of legalism was Hanfeizi. He believed that harsh punishment was the way to go and that man is all evil and the only was to accomplish goodness is through him. He forced the people to work in harsh weather building public worksand punished them if they did not finish. He created very strict laws and horrible punishment for the ones who did not obey them. These torturous times occured during the Quin dynasty.

Taoism (daoism)

The leader believed in not having a real government and to not govern as much. They also believed that everything should be accepted the way it was made. Finally that you should be one with nature. The philospher was Lauzi.This occured during the dynasty.



 THe philospher was AsokaMeditation is important in promoting peace. Right actions and Right Speech lead to Nirvana. Diffused to China via the Silk Road.   Monasteries became centers of learning.