Wrap Up The Season

2013 Isn't Over Yet! Let's Finish Strong!

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Maybe you're a new stylist and your 2013 is just starting. Maybe you're a seasoned stylist and you KNOW the next 3 months are going to be the biggest and best of the whole year. Either way, I know you are going to finish 2013 strong and there are some AMAZING prizes to earn along the way! The great things about this challenge, is there is something for everyone! f you want to do 1-2 shows a month and earn that fabulous leather tote, go for it! If you want to give yourself a FREE mini-iPad for Christmas, you go girl! Whatever level of success you want to achieve, we are here to support that! I'll break down the levels briefly, but go to https://wrap-up-the-season.squarespace.com/ to download the tracking worksheet and get all the details!

PS My apologies to Jessica for the facial expressions I managed to catch while pausing the video to get the pics :)

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Level 1

Pretty straightforward. Just sell $7,500 over the next 3 months (or just $2500 a month) and this gorgeous leather cut-out tote is yours! That's just a couple shows a month! What I LOVE is that EVERYONE can do this! No sponsoring qualifications, just sales!

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Level 2

OK, so it's a little step up from Level 1, but still so so doable. $12,000 in sales (just $4000 a month) over the next 3 months! Sponsor 1 who goes on the earn her (or his!) Book & Sell Jumpstart Reward. Now, there's no picture...why, you ask? Blythe will make the big reveal later this month. But, I have learned over time, if Blythe and Jessica say it's fabulous, then I believe every word!

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Level 3

If you're aiming for Level 2, you really might as well go for Level 3. For just a little more sales (and a little more sponsoring) you will also get your very own (very free!) iPad Mini! Yep, that's right! Only $15,000 in sales plus sponsor 2 who go on to earn their Book and Sell Jumpstart Rewards and this little beauty is yours!

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Level 4

The final (and for sure most fun!) level is Level 4. To qualify , sell $30,000 (10,000 a month) between now and December 31st. Plus sponsor 6, at least 4 of whom go on the earn their Book & Sell Jumpstart Rewards. The prize? A cocktail reception at Jessica's brand new house during Director's Retreat! I'm not saying it will be easy, but I am saying it will be worth it!

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So, what Level are you going for?!

What are you waiting for?! Make a plan! Share with your upline what your goal is! Print out the tracking sheet and get to it! I know you can reach whatever level you aim for. Get Wrapping!!!!