The Ironman

By Michael Coffey

Me and my family were going to Kentucky for an Iron Man. We stayed in a hotel with a bridge in the middle. We brought friends to come with us. It was a long drive so we stayed in hotels on the way. It was fun getting to drive over the borders.

When we got there, it was a huge city. When we arrived to the hotel, it was higher than 30 stories. The rooms had two halls and three beds. The pool was on the roof and the bridge connecting the two hotels together. The bridge was an aquarium all around. We stayed 4 nights until the race.

It was in the 5:00 when we go up to head out to the race. When we got there it was extremely crowded with long lines.Dad got in his swim suit and joined the other racers. Then horn blew and the race started,my dad swam all morning. We met him at where you get your bike in the afternoon. We walked all afternoon exploring until we saw him at the bike drop off. We said hi and watched him run all evening. It was dark and we waited at the finish line for him. About 20 min. later he came up and crossed the finish line. We waited for him at the end and went back to the hotel and stayed on more night and went home.