Cyber/STEM Newsletter

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. His major contribution to this world was the development of Microsoft Corporation, which is the world's largest personal - computer software company. Bill Gates' invention has impacted the world not just cyber because he impacted people's lives that work with computers. A few fun facts about Gates is that he did not go to college, he was arrested in 1977 for jumping a red light and driving without a license. Another fun fact about Gates is that his SAT score was a 1590 out of 1600.
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Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan and died on April 7, 1947 in Fair Lane, Dearborn, Michigan. His major contribution to this world is that he is the founder of of the Ford Motor Company. This company was so strong that it built more than 15 million durable little cars and all of them were sold around the world. Ford's impact on STEM was very real and significant because everything he changed is what we all do in our lives now. A few fun facts about Ford is that he used to repair watches for friends and family, but to use tools to fix the watches he made his own tools. Another fun fact about Ford is that he published a book that was against cigarettes.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California and died on October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, California. His major contribution to this world is being the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple. This company which was created by two 21 year old guys that have changed this world by the series of revolutionary technologies from Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs has impacted cyber by co-founding to create modern technology that people use in their everyday life such as, the Apple computer, IPhone, IPad, and the IPod. A few fun facts about Steve Jobs is that he dropped out of college after six months and heever wrote a single line of programming code. Another fun fact about him is that he is buried in an unmarked grave.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany and died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. His major contribution to this world is developing the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. This theory found that gravity, as well as motion, can affect time and space. He has impacted STEM by working to help change the realm of physics. If it wasn't for Einstein and his theory, there wouldn't have been an atomic bomb developed in World War II. A few fun facts about Einstein is that when he was younger he was a slow learner and he spoke very slowly. Another fun fact about Albert Einstein is that he failed his university entrance exam and had to reapply a year later.
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