Restricted Road

Auto- Theft

Short Story

Late one night as a police officer was wrapping up his shift, he noticed a woman screaming for help and pointing towards a man getting away in a small car. Realizing he seemed to be stealing the vehicle, the cop pursued the man and quickly pulled him over. He read him his Miranda rights and placed him under arrest. He took him to jail where he was held under a $10,000 bail until trial. Two days later he was placed on trial before a grand jury and was indicted by the woman who accused him of stealing her car. Because the accused could not afford a lawyer, he was appointed to a public defendant who would help argue his side in trial. In his arraignment he was accused of committing a felony. The only witness' called to stand were the police officer and a friend who was with the prosecutor when the incident took place. The prosecutor had strong evidence stacked against the defendant so they mutually arranged a plea bargaining.12 citizens received subpoenas which appointed to them to the petit jury, they decided that the plea bargaining was valid, there were no perjuries, and the verdict was fair. The defendant was convicted, however, no appeal was requested because the plea bargain was fair.