Come to Venice!

The Most Luxurious City in Italy

Our Goods

Famous for our luxurious textile industries, we also provide a wide variety of luxury goods:







-mineral dyes

-peacock feathers

We support many trading facilities around the world, including




-Other parts of Europe.

It is easy to access these materials because of our convenient trade routes on both land and water, as well as mild weather patterns!

We have beautiful canals and many splendid views. With the Adriatic sea so close to us, it offers beautiful sights as well as trade routes easy for us to access on both land and water. These easily reached places and resulting goods makes us the most powerful trading city in Italy- not to mention our shipbuilding centre, which happens to be the largest one in Europe!

The beautiful mountain range that surrounds Venice also protects our beloved city from all sorts of attacks. We ensure that our smooth weather patterns allows for valuable plants such as grapes and olives to grow. Such plants provide a key trade item that contributes geatly to our stable economy.

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Special details!

-a completely independent city-state,

-our own powerful armies, (most powerful Navy in Italy)

-independent government and affairs.

-a mountain range that easily protects Venice from attacks,

-The feudal system of our city-state has not taken a strong grasp on us, which allows our citizens to prosper individually.

-quick and easy transportation

As a rich city, full of talented writers, architects and musicians, Venice greatly supports artistry. We have many artists that have taken residence in this glorious city-state.They have contributed to turning this city into a beautifully decorated and wonderously designed city.