Cordelia Hills Update


Principal Update

I hope the mothers, step-mothers, care takers, foster parents, and all those that take care of our children enjoyed Mother's Day. A HUGEEEE thank you to the PTA and all of the parent volunteers that took good care of our staff last week. It is noticed, appreciated, and we know we are a very blessed staff.

This week includes a ton of updates. Have a great week.

2022-23 Start Time, Collaboration

The start time for Grades K-5 is slated for 8:15 (5 minutes earlier than this year). The dismissal for K is 1:45* and it is 2:20* for Grades 1-5.

**: Please note that Cordelia Hills staff is exploring reorganizing our end time to allow for a shorter Wednesday so that staff can collaborate. If that is approved, that will change the end time for next year. Wednesday will end at 1:05 for K-5 and 2:40 (1-5)/1:56 (K) on all of the other days of the week. Please reach out with any questions and yes, we will provide you with a clean bell schedule copy once it is finally approved.

MAP and CAASPP Testing

The MAP testing window has now opened for Grades 1-5. This is a benchmark assessment that is taken 3 times a year in ELA and Math for all students in Grades 1-5. The window closes May 27.

CAASPP testing is nearing completion. Grades 3-5 continue to do make-ups. 5th Grade has a few more assessments to complete but will go into make-up mode later this week into next week.

Thanks for your support.

Upcoming Calendar Dates

Friday, May 13: Student leadership hosts Alternative Backpack Spirit Day. Students pack their belongings in something other than the traditional back pack.

Friday, May 20: Coyote Howl, 5-8 PM

May 23-27: Brickspace on site for Class Visits

Monday, May 30: No School, Memorial day

Thursday, June 2: Mindful Life School Assembly #2, time TBD

Monday, June 6: Field Day for Grades 2-5, Gene will email more information

Tuesday, June 7: Field Day for Grades K-2, Gene will email more information

Wednesday, June 8: Picnic Day for Grades 5 (off site) and Grade 1 (field)

Thursday, June 9: Staff vs. 5th grade kickball, 1:45 (time is tentative)

Friday, June 10: 5th Grade Farewell, 10 AM. Minimum Day, 11:50 dismissal

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5th Grade Save the Dates

Please save the following dates for end of year 5th grade events:

June 8: 5th Grade End of Year Picnic.

CH and Cordelia Hills PTA will host the annual 5th grade picnic at Cordelia Park (near GVMS/baseball fields). Classes will walk to the Cordelia Hills park mid morning and will stay until around 1:00 PM before returning.

June 10th: 5th Grade End of Year Recognition

Cordelia Hills will host an end of year recognition for 5th graders on the final day of school. The time is set for 10 AM. While elementary schools do not host promotion/graduation ceremonies, we do recognize the importance of celebrating our transitioning students. The event will be held out doors and parents/guardians are welcome to join us in the quad. Please note that space is limited and so we ask each family to limit guests to two (2) family members.


Volunteers are now allowed on campus. Under CA Law, they are considered "workers" and must either be vaccinated or show proof of negative test (within 3 days of the volunteer visit) if they are going to be indoors. Volunteers must be fingerprinted if they are going to be with supervising students (field trip groups, small groups away from the teacher, etc.).

Teachers will work with you there is a need/interest in volunteering.

Family Update/Reminders

A few reminders regarding school sites:

1. School Pick-Up: Our gates open a few minutes (2:40) before the end of the school day. Over the last few weeks, a few parents/family members have approached the classroom early to pick up their child. Please remember that any early pick-up (before the end of the day) must come through the main office, even if the gate comes up. Students may not be checked our directly from the classroom teacher. This is for student and staff safety.

2. Traffic Safety: Please pull your car forward along the front curb on Canyon Hills Drive. You should pull as far forward as possible in the morning and afternoon.

3. Dogs: Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on campus (except guide dogs). I have 3 of my own dogs and want to meet all the dogs. Not only does the law prohibit them from being on campus but we have had students/staff injured by dogs on site before.

21-22 Calendar (Current Year Calendar)

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Calendar for 2022-23

The calendar for next year is here:

Some of you have asked about start/end bell times for next year. Unfortunately, I don't have an update. I do think it will continue to be in the 8:00-8:30 range but we are waiting for an update. The reason for potential changes are related to the law requiring students in middle and high schools to start much later next year.

The calendar for the current year is in flyer form (see below).

Preschool/TK/Kindergarten Registration/Open Enrollment

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Registration is open for FSUSD schools, including Cordelia Hills. To register, please go Please follow the directions on the page.

Please note that TK WILL be returning to Cordelia Hills. It appears we will host two classes (AM/PM). Details on times, class, etc. are being ironed out but we look to be back in the TK game. Please note that we are not currently accepting requests for acceleration from TK to K or K to 1st.

Pre-School Flyer, English

Pre-School Flyer, Spanish

TK/K Enrollment Flyer, English

TK/K Enrollment Flyer, Spanish

Also, Open Enrollment for transfer to another school in the District opened on February 1. The process is both competitive and depends on open spots in the preferred school. Please note that if you are currently open enrolled into Cordelia Hills (not a resident within the school boundary), your enrollment into Green Valley Middle as a 6th grader is not automatically rolled over. You must apply to GVMS to continue on open enrollment.

Information on Open Enrollment