E-portfolio :: Evaluation

Grade 7 MYP Technology


I used the kwiksurveys.com. This is my survey i created http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=bax9nmy8t96k139217833. I sent my survey to 5 people to test my e-portfolio.

Suggestions from testers

Testers suggested me to change my title for my e-portfolio, and also to put more information.

Assesment citerion E :: Evaluate

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given below.

1 — 2 The student evaluates the product/solution or his or her own performance. The student makes some attempt to test the product/solution.

3 — 4 The student evaluates the product/solution and his or her own performance and suggests ways in which these could be improved. The student tests the product/solution to evaluate it against the design specification.

5 — 6 The student evaluates the success of the product/solution in an objective manner based on the results of testing, and the views of the intended users. The student provides an evaluation of his or her own performance at each stage of the design cycle and suggests improvements. The student provides an appropriate evaluation of the impact of the product/solution on life, society and/or the environment.

Evaluation my own portfolio

When I consider my performance during the INVESTIGATE stage I believe that i struggled because i didnt really know what i suppose to do but friend and teacher helped me a lot until this stage.

When I consider my performance during the DESIGN stage I believe that I am not really good at design. My design was like so similar each other among 4 designs but i tried to make it simple as possible so that its easy to make. from fancy thing and simple simple one was more clear.

When I consider my performance during the PLAN stage I believe that planning was the easiest from other criteria because its like planning what i will do or i did.

When I consider my performance during the CREATE stage I believe that ....that was kind of hard but easy too because i just needed to make my e-portfolio by using my design that u created on the design step

When I consider my performance during the EVALUATE stage I believe that .... It was confusing while making surveys but the people that i sent had finished my survey so i was able to see the results and some suggestions from the people so it was good.

Impact of society

My e-portfolio will have a positive impact on society, the environment and life in the following ways:

  • Nothing personal
  • Using educational info
  • every people can see