San Eli Star

A scoop of all the great things happening at GEMS!

Oh The Places You'll Go!

The "Oh, the Places You'll Go" Luncheon is a time when teachers can share with students how they have impacted their teaching. It is always a memorable experience because the students get to see a side of their teacher that they never thought they would see, and the students get the opportunity to see how they have impacted their teachers. This year marked the 5th anniversary of the luncheon!

Future Engineers

Engineering Day was a great success. It gave the students an opportunity to showcase work students have been doing all year. They were very excited to finally show the rest of GEMS what we do in our little building. All of GEMS was able to be part of the engineering world for a day. Engineers created games and rides for the rest of GEMS to try, plus they were able to showcase a special community project they had been working on for one of our very own students. Engineering and Computer Programming classes did a great job and its just going to get bigger and better in the upcoming years.

Following Core Values

One hundred 8th grade students were invited to participate in a leadership camp at Fifer's Arena. While there, these students participated in various activities including a tour of the ranch, tire flipping, barrel racing and cowboy surfing. These students had to come together as a team to be able to complete all activities.

Seventy 7th graders were treated to an ice cream social after school. There they were able to enjoy their ice cream with all kinds of toppings and win door prizes of various items including gift cards to the movies and various restaurants and other prizes such as baseball caps and basketballs. All these items were donated by our own teachers and staff. They were also treated to a small glimpse of the 8th grade field trip that they could be a part of next year if they continue to demonstrate our GEMS Core Values!

Star Athletes

On May 23rd and 24th, over one hundred GEMS athletes were recognized for their hard work and dedication. They received certificates and some of our athletes were named Most Improved, Best Sportsmanship and Most Valuable Player.

Students become Explorers

On May 15th, the GT classes traveled to Carlsbad Caverns. Students and chaperones hiked down 750 feet into the dark cave. Carlsbad Caverns National Park is in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico. Stalactites cling to the roof of the Big Room, a huge underground chamber in the cavern where students enjoyed yogurt and fruit. Chaperones included Mrs. M. Sanchez, Mrs. Nwachuku, Mr. Sosa, and Mr. and Mrs. S. Hernandez.

Yo Le Voy A San Eli!

PBIS hosted a quick play soccer tournament. Over ten teams competed for the championship as the rest of the school watched and cheered on. Students in the crowd supported the teams with their own signs. Ultimately, Los Plebes, won the whole tournament!

Career Exploring

Students at GEMS participated in a wonderful and exciting career day. Over 25 presenters came to campus and showcased their careers. Students from the high school cosmetology program also came and showed off how joining the program has its advantages. Our students were able to explore many career options and ask as many questions as they liked.

Hopp & Co.

The Faculty and Staff at GEMS appreciate everything that Mrs. Hopp has done for our district. We honored our great leader with a "Hopp & Co." breakfast. Students thanked her with gifts and sang a beautiful song to her. GEMS will miss our humble, caring and hard working superintendent.

Teachers of the Month

Mr. Mario Espinoza

Students chose Mr. Espinoza because of the heart he has. Students said they liked how he pushed them to be the best soccer player they can be. Mr. Espinoza is a dedicated coach who always is willing to lend a hand.

Mr. Patrick Bowen

When asked why they chose him, students said Mr. Bowen is always there to listen to them. Mr. Bowen works really hard to make sure students perform to the best of their ability. Students say they have learned a lot from him.

Ms. Erika Morales

Students chose Ms. Morales because of her willingness to always listen. They said they liked how they could come to her for anything. Ms. Morales works really hard to make sure students understand the importance of reading.

Ms. Lydia Gonzalez

Ms. Gonzalez will always be remembered for her contagious energy. Students say she always puts a smile on their face and she is willing to go the extra mile for anyone who doesn't understand.

Mr. Raul Hernandez

Coach Hernandez is known for his patience. Students say they really like him because he always listens and worries about their health. They also said they like how he is dedicated to making sure everyone understands the importance of being active.