PNC Bank

By: Gary Pyles

Savings vs. Investing

Savings is money put away, that is not spent until an emergency arises. Investing is the purchase of assets with the hope of increasing future income. Savings is more liquid than investing and also provides the foundation for financial security. But, investing helps build wealth and is used to pay for long term purchases.

Reasons to Make A Savings Plan

  • Helps save for big purchases
  • Helps save for emergencies
  • Provides financial security
  • Money to fall back on

Savings Options by PNC Bank

  • S is for savings- No service charge for account holders under 18, interest on accounts with a $1 or more balance
  • Statement savings- Interests on accounts with $1 or more balance, unlimited deposits
  • Certificates of Deposit- Open with $1,000, 7 day to 10 year automatic renewal