Anzac memorial party

remember those who died for us

this day is coming soon so clear your calender and get ready

there will be many things there one of them there wil be celbrities even famouse football players who are whilling to come

all profits go to the salvation army

Anzac party night to remember the soldiers who gave there life for us

Tuesday, June 4th, 6-11:45pm

Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia

Whittlesea, VIC

the event will be held at the whittleseaa bowls club all are welcome $7 entry

soft drink $3.oo

anzac biscuit $1.00

and many other things


to raise money for the salvation army

people to remember our soldiers

to have a good time and all are welcome

rampsand transport are provided for the blind or those in a wheel chair

the anzac salvation

to give what others need