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February 14, 2021

Principal's Message

Davis Families,

Our third quarter is off to a great start. We are thankful to see so many students logged in and ready to go for classes and then sticking around to participate in crew and study hall. We hope to have more and more of our students join our academic support activites or our thematic activites offered at PHASTAR.

Like many of you, we are anxious to know when we'll be together again and what school will look like moving forward. In this newsletter, we've included a statement from CEO Eric Gordon that provides the most up-to-date information from CMSD.

If you have questions about any of the announcements below, please call the school at 216.838.2500

In this Newsletter, you will find information about:

  • Reminder to Update your Contact Information With Davis
  • Statement from CEO Eric Gordon
  • Afternoon and Evening Teacher Support Information & Hours
  • Parent/Guardian Book Club
  • NWEA MAP Testing Continues on Wednesday @ 8:30AM
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited - Summer Work
  • College Now Update: Seniors, Submit FAFSA & Apply for Scholarships
  • Schoology Support for Parents
  • Help Davis: Recommend us to 8th graders
  • Community Resources & Announcements

Connect With Davis

*For the latest updates: Follow us on Instagram @therealdavisam

*To receive our school texts, please email LBowen@DavisAM.org with your cell # and your student's name

*To update your address or phone number, please call the school. 216.838.2500


Statement from CEO Eric Gordon:

As Governor Mike DeWine shared at a press conference this evening, I spoke directly with the Governor about our continued efforts to open CMSD as quickly as we are able to do so, knowing his expectation for all Ohio districts is March 1.

At last Tuesday’s Board meeting, I announced my intention to update our students, parents and caregivers, educators, and the entire CMSD community of our reopening plan on next Friday, Feb. 19, and I still plan to do so.

In the meantime, our preparation to reopen schools has already begun. This morning, we began printing a districtwide mailer that will arrive in all CMSD households the week of Feb. 22 with children’s school and transportation assignments. Additionally, a plan is in place to resume spring sports on Feb. 22, and we have already prepared our school buildings, buses, and classrooms for reopening safely.

In the meantime, the District made significant progress this week in our effort to vaccinate 7,000 CMSD employees. In the first three days vaccines were available, we vaccinated 2,400 staff. We expect to have all employees vaccinated with the first of two required doses by next weekend.

Grade-level & School-wide Supports for Student Success

To support student success, we have extended online tutoring hours and tailored after-school teacher and community time to best fit the needs of each grade level. Click on the image below for more details and to access the links.

Join our Parent & Guardian Book Club

This time of distance learning has certainly been a first and a learning process for all of us. We hope to continue to support eachother through our school and family reading group.

  • If you would like a free copy of one of the books below, please email LBowen@DavisAM.org
  • Each week, we will email thoughts and suggest readings for the week; you can certainly read through the book at your own pace though.

Parents of 9th -11th Graders are reading The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents, and will come together through Zoom on March 18th for a full book discussion. If you would like to follow the weekly pacing guide, click here.

Parents of 12th Graders are reading Your Freshman Is Off to College and will come together through Zoom on March 16h for the group book discussion. If you would like to follow the weekly pacing guide, click here.

NWEA Continues This Wednesday 2/17 @ 8:30AM

Click on Crew link for NWEA Testing on Wednesday @ 8:30AM

Your student continues NWEA MAP testing to measure their growth in Math this week. Your student will click on their CREW link at 8:30AM to get to their testing session. The test will be proctored by Crew Advisors, and Zoom cameras must be on.

  • NWEA Math is Wednesday, February 17th (8:30AM - 11:00AM)

Why take the NWEA?

The NWEA MAP Growth Assessment is not for a grade, but it is still very important. This test shows where your student is right now so we can identify areas of improvement. It is also adaptive, meaning that as your student progresses through the test, they will begin seeing harder questions they may not have seen before to identify areas they are ready to learn next.

Suggestions for Parents

Since the test will be remote this year, we also want to make sure that your student's answers are their own. This means:

1) students should not look up answers on the internet

2) please refrain from helping on any questions.

Students should strive to do their best, but not stress if the test gets "hard" or they answer a question incorrectly.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited - Summer Work

Y.O.U - Youth Opportunities Unlimited has paid employment and training opportunities available for 18-24-year-olds. It is a very competitive program. Do not wait to apply. Registration is open through May 1st.

Register at: www.youthopportunities.org

Questions: 216-776-3900


From Mr. Markusic, our College Now Advisor

Seniors & Parents/Guardians:

Here are a few things that you can be working on this week for your post-secondary plans:

  • Sign up for a one-on-one meeting with me. You can sign up for a meeting with me at this link: www.tinyurl.com/MarkusicDavisAppointments. I am only available from 11am-1pm. Please be sure to put in the notes what specifically you’d like to talk about so I can come best prepared.
  • Create your FSA ID and Submit your FAFSA. By now, you should have already at least created your FSA ID. Both you and your parent need one. Refer to previous emails for steps on creating one and on how to submit the FAFSA. If you have questions, let Mr. Markusic know.
  • Review award letters. If you applied to college and submitted your FAFSA last semester, you should begin to receive financial aid award letters. These will outline the money you have and the money you need. Schedule a time with Mr. Markusic to better understand what your award letter means.
  • Apply for scholarships. Mr. Markusic and Mr. McCain have put together a spreadsheet with links to several scholarships. As more scholarships open, they will be added to the spreadsheet. You can access the spreadsheet here.
  • Research trade & workforce opportunities. If you are not interested in a two- or four-year degree and are instead interested in trade programs, talk to Mr. Markusic. Last week's email had information on a handful of short-term certificate programs with little to no cost.

Mr. Markusic can be reached by email at mmarkusic@collegenowgc.org or by text at 216-507-1768.


Schoology Videos for Parents

Through the following links, you can learn how to:

Help us spread the word about Davis!

If you feel comfortable, please recommend Davis A&M HS to anyone you know with an 8th grade student! They can call the school at: 838.2500 or email us at: info@davisam.org. Thank you.

Community Resources & Announcements

Year-Round School Calendar Dates:


  • 15th - Presidents' Day - CMSD Schools Closed

  • 17th - 9th & 10th Graders - NWEA MAP Testing for Math


  • March 26th - End of Third marking period
  • March 29-April 11th - Spring Break


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