Grant Ennis

Who Am I?

"Who I Am"

1. Sports.

2. Interested in becoming an Air Force Pilot.

3. Value the way that I go about in life.

4. Love to learn new things.

5. And is a quick learner.

"Where Am I Going"

1. Job Description: Fliing and navigating air planes and helicopters.

2. Median Salary: $92,060

3. Job Outlook: Regional airlines and low-cost carriers will present the best job opportunities. Pilots seeking jobs at the major airlines will face strong competition.

4. Cluster: Transportation

5. Work Scedule: Their work schedule may very depending on flights.

6. Work Enviroment: They are away from home alot.

7. They get to work with alot of gadgets.

"How Do I Get There"

1. Hendrix College Little Rock, AR

2. Because they have a great education and they also have a great sports organization.

3. You would atleast need a bachlors degree.

4. Could not find.

5. I would want a scholarship in soccer.