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NFHS Guidance Newsletter, October 2018

Fall, Fun & Learning

It has been a busy month and a half since our last guidance newsletter. The guidance team has had the College Extravaganza, College Application Day, PSAT, ASVAB, and senior IGPs. We also participated in Spirit Week as a department to support our students. We have also been working with our students on academic, social and college and career concerns and questions.

As we come to the mid-point in our semester, we are hoping that all students are enjoying classes and getting involved in their athletics, clubs, and organizations. Our students are busy, from our Seniors who are in full post-secondary planning mode down to our Freshmen who are beginning to truly feel at home here at NFHS. The guidance team is working to help all students find their way and hope you will reach out to us with any needs that you have. We have more great events and information sessions planned continue reading to find out more.

Guidance has Spirit!

FASFA Workshop

Thursday, Oct. 25th, 6pm

1400 A O Jones Boulevard, Fort Mill, SC, USA

Meet in the auditorium to learn more about apply for Financial Aid and submitting your FASFA!

9th & 11th Grade IGPs

Parents be on the look out for your student's letter about their Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) Meeting! This letter will let you know what day and time we will be having your student's meeting. All parents are invited to these meetings, however, if you are unable to attend your student and their counselor can have the meeting individually. We hope to see all 9th and 10th grade parents at their student's meeting!

SAT/ACT Workshop

10th & 11th Grade Students

SAT / ACT Prep - Workshop I Core Planning & Practice – This workshop will start by contrasting the 2 tests and advising students on how to determine which test they should take. They will complete a Test Prep Individual Plan (TPIP) to help make the most efficient use of their time in preparing for these tests. We will dedicate at least half of the class to covering key strategies that apply across the different question types on each test, with sample core practice questions.

Date: November 15th, 2018 Cost: $48

Sign-up by: November 2nd, 2018

Big picture

attention freshman & sophomores--experience clemson

If interested in C-CATS, see below if you are
  • 9th or 10th grader
  • ranked in the top 10%
  • predicted to make a 1300 or higher on SAT

C-CATS, Clemson's Challenge for Academically Talented Students, helps you get off to the right start. Exciting weekend adventures introduce you to the best academic, social and recreational opportunities Clemson has to offer.
  • Tour Clemson
  • Talk with Admissions Officers
  • Attend Academic Workshops
  • Participate in Group Activities and Games

Contact Staci Dreher,

Senior Corner

sat & act december dates and deadlines

This will be the last opportunity for seniors to take the ACT & SAT for college to consider scores for admissions. The December testing dates are as follows:

  • SAT - December 1, 2018, Deadline for Registration: November 2, 2018
  • ACT - December 8, 2018, Deadline for Registration: November 2, 2018

palmetto fellows

Seniors! We are in the middle of putting together the Palmetto Award information for qualifying students. The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is $6,700 per year at any 4-year South Carolina university. We can submit an application for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship if you have a 4.0 and a 32 on the ACT or a 1400 on the SAT. There is always a slight possibility that I may not have access to all our student’s test scores, so, if you feel like you qualify based on your test scores, please reach out by the end of October.

Students that qualify based on rank (top 6% at the end of 10th or 11th grade years) and test scores (1200 SAT/27 ACT) will hear from me by the end of October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Christina Bednarz


Freshman Corner

Need Help? Your Counselor is Here for You!

We are a month into school and the ball is rolling quickly for most of our freshman class. From new friends, to extra curricular activities, to school work; the freshman students are learning how to manage time and adjust to the fast pace of high school life. Sometimes this adjustment may take longer for some students than others and that is why Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Mackenzie, your 9th grade counselors, are here. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or nervous about a classes, friends or activities come and see your counselor.

The counseling office has an open door policy all you have to do is come up and if we are available you are more than welcome to come in and talk! What are the best times to see your counselor:

  • Before School - 8:10-8:40
  • During Lunch/FLEX - 1:39-2:09
If you cannot come during those times, leave us a note, send us an e-mail or ask an elective teacher for permission to come see us. We want to make sure you are getting as much instructional time in class as possible.

Who is my counselor?

Do you know: semester grading breakdown

Each semester is broken down into three 6 week grading periods. Each grading period is worth a certain percentage of a student's final combined with the student's final exam grade. The Break down is as follows:

  • M1+M2+M3=average/3 (which is 90% of student's total average)
  • Final Exam: grade is 10% of students total average
This gives you a student's final grade in the class. If this average comes out to be above 60% the student will earn credit for that course.

For courses with an EOC:

*If a course has a final exam that is a state mandated EOC that final is worth 20% of their grade instead of 10% and the other 6 weeks are adjusted accordingly. (M1+M2+M3=average/3, which is 80% of student's total average)

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