Dueling Discounts!!!

Save $20, or 20%?

What's This About?

Everyone should know how to use coupons. Coupons help us to save money on everyday items we purchase, whether on sale or not. Coupons help you save either through telling you how much money you save (for example $20) or the percentage you save on the total price. But how do you know when you are saving the most money through either of these price reductions? Let's find out!

Dollars Off vs. Percent Off

So how do we calculate the reduced price when an on-sale item is either $20 off or 20% off? Well, $20 off is pretty easy. You just need to subtract $20 from the original price. The answer is the reduced price. The calculation looks like this:

$130 - $20 = $110

What about 20% off? In order to find this you need to do a longer calculation, but it is still pretty easy to do. Percent means "per hundred" so 20% means "20 out of one hundred." If "one hundred" is the original unaltered price, 20% is the amount cut out. The calculation looks like this:

20/100 = 0.2

(0.2)130 = 26

26 is not our final price, however. 26 is just 20% OF $130. To get 20% OFF $130 we now subtract 26 from 130

130 - 26 = $104

Our reduced price is $104.

Example Problems!!!

Now You Know How To Use Coupons!!!

But Which Coupon Is Better? (Hint: It's the $20 Off Coupon!)

As you could see in our examples, the $20 coupon saved us more money every time. However there will be times when prices are cut more through percent than dollars, such as when the overall price is smaller or the number of dollars being saved is smaller.But in these cases it is much smarter to save $20 off than 20% off.