Bangladesh War for Independance

Alba Kanani

Facts About the Bangladesh War

Almost forty years ago Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan. The Bangladesh War lasted March 26 - December 16, 1971 after India invaded the country and helped beat Pakistani force. The war was placed in the Indian Subcontinent. The results of the war was that Pakistan surrendered and the birth of Bangladesh. Three million people were killed and more than 200,000 women were raped during the war. In the early months of the 1971 war, nearly ten million East Pakistanis fled west across the border to India. More than 1 million Bengalis, Hindus and suspected protesters were rounded up and orderly murdered by Pakistan's army. To this day, a lot of big graves haven't been uncovered. Men who were suspected of teaming up with Pakistan's reign of fear in the East are executed in front of the public. The war affected the women because a lot of rapes were going on and people/citizins had to move out.

Fun/Interesting Facts

  • It's been almost four years since they won the victory in their Liberation War
  • There were young girls who were raped as well, as young as 13.
  • Pakistan was losing
  • Indo-Pakistan war is one of the shortest wars in history, last 13 days
  • People of Bangladesh discovered their identity through the Language Movement
  • Sheikh Mujib was put in prison in west Pakistan