Natural Gas

Taylor Evers

Is Natural Gas renewabele or non-renewable and where is it found?

Natural Gas is almost always non-renewable. It is non-renewable because we cannot make more in a short amount of time. But the main ingredient methane can be found in places such as landfills. Natural gas is also found trapped in rocks. The rocks act as if a sponge traping water. Natural gas is produced in 32 states. It is a fossil fuel which scientists believe that it was formed from the remains of ancient sea animals and plants.

How does Natural Gas produce energy for communities and are there products created or other uses of this energy?

Natural Gas produces energy for communities in many ways. It is used to produce electricity for homes and commercial businesses. Industry uses Natural Gas because it is clean burning and efficient. Natural Gas is used to create many products used on a daily basis by people all over the world. It can be found in paint, fertilizer, glue, laundry detergent as well as many other items.

Who uses natural gas?

Natural gas is used by almost everyone in the United States. The everyday person may use it in products found within the home on a daily basis. It is used by industry to create heat and manufacture goods. Because it is clean burning and efficient it is in high demand for use. Commercial uses include schools, churches, small businesses and hospitals.
Natural Gas a Brief History