Hawlemont News

October 21, 2022

From the principal

Last week you all received your student's MCAS scores. Our staff use this data, along with bechmark assessments, unit tests, and formative check-ins during student learning to guide our instruction. We have many great things already working for us in learning, including rigorous curricula in ELA and math, school-wide instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness, and staff collaborating to bridge subjects and integrate real life into our academics. If you have questions about your student's scores or want to talk about supporting learning at home (reading 10-20min a day and playing math games are great ways!), please reach out to me or the classroom teacher.

Please sign up for fall conferences. You are a vital part of your child's learning team; our communication ensures we are all on the same page in knowing how your child is doing, what they need, and what we can to together to help them be successful learners, friends, and citizens of the Hawlemont community.

As our students grow into strong, independent people, they build meaningful relationships. At school we will continue to promote and discuss appropriate interactions. Our focus at Hawlemont is on learning and growing. Ms. Devon will be working with our younger students on personal space and adjusting the content as necessary for our older students. Please feel free to have conversations with your student(s) regarding personal space and appropriate contact at school.

Take care,

Amber Tulloch

Important Dates

10/26 - Corn Maze Field Trip

10/27 - Braided Bread/Cookie fundraiser products sent home

October early release dates:

1:50 dismissals: 10/19, 10/26

November early release dates:

11/1 - No school, teacher professional development

11/3 and 11/4 - 12:30 Dismissal - Conference days

11/11 - No school, Veterans Day

11/16 - 1:50 dismissal

11/23 - 12:30, day before Thanksgiving

11/24 and 11/25 - No school, Thanksgiving break

News from Kindergarten

The Kindergarten kids are rolling along with our routines now. They are learning letter names and sounds, talking about stories, labeling their drawings, counting, thinking about patterns, talking about the life cycle of pumpkins, doing barn chores, playing outside,....and so much more.

Just a reminder that my last day with the kids will be November 7th. Daphne Clark, the new kindergarten teacher, will officially start on October 26th. We will work together for several days to help with the transition. Please call the office to schedule a conference for November 3rd or 4th. Daphne and I will be doing them together. Thank you.

1st Grade News

What a busy week we’ve had! Our Science experiments have begun and we made kazoos last week to show how vibrations make sound. We’re finishing up our study about what makes up a community and why it is important. We’re writing our second opinion piece about what we use tools for and why we need them. In Math, we have been finding all the ways we can make numbers under ten and now we’re moving on to teen numbers. The kids are also really enjoying doing barn chores. Busy, busy!
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6th grade did some awesome work this week planting bulbs in the front beds of the school. We planted daffodils, tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, and irises. We can’t wait to see all of these bright colors come springtime!
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School Nurse Updates

News from the School Nurse:

Essential Items from home needed for a safe, healthy, and fun day at school.

  1. Water Bottle - good hydration is so important

  2. Snack- a nutritious snack is best, please do not send candy with your child.

  3. Change of Clothing- all students should bring a change of clothing just in case.

  4. Sneakers for Gym Day;

Pre-K- Wed. K- Fri., 1st- Thurs., 2nd- Tues, & 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, Friday.

This is the time of year when it is very important to send your children to school dressed in layers. The weather is variable and can change quickly throughout the day. It could also be beneficial to pack a hat and mittens in your child's backpack in case the weather turns colder during the day. The children at Hawlemont spend some of their classroom time outdoors and we believe a child’s education will be enhanced if they are properly dressed and comfortable for the outside temperature.

It is also just as important to send your children at any grade to school with a change of clothing that they can keep in their locker or cubby. At Hawlemont some of the outside activities or chores involve water, mud/dirt, or possibly animal waste, and accidents do happen. If additional clothing is available when needed, our staff can assist your child/ren in becoming comfortable again quickly, especially in their own clothing. Our supply of extra clothes is limited and sizes may not always be appropriate to fit the need.

Thank-you Nurse Sherry

Fall conferences are almost here!

Fall conferences are almost here! They will be held on Thursday Nov. 3 and Friday Nov. 4, both 12:30 dismissal days, starting at 1PM.

Please email or call Ms. Lovett at 339-8316 or slovett@mtrsd.org to set up a conference with your students teacher!

First grade music class!

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We focused on apples in Art, and second grade had fun creating Stained Glass Apples

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Wilma is a mother!

We came in Wednesday morning to Wilma's 7 piglets! They are all doing well, and Wilma is a great mom! We are all very excited about the newest additions to our Barn family!

Specialist Snapshot

We know that families are busier than ever these days, but reading practice at home is so helpful to both current and future reading goals. Books can be checked out from our school library if you need more resources; we can also print out books that you can keep! Please reach out if you have questions! Emily, eeller@mtrsd.org
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Title 1 letter

October 2022

Dear Hawlemont Families,

As a Mohawk Trail / Hawlemont Regional School System Title I teacher, I am writing to inform you about the benefits offered to your child through the Title I program, part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2011. Mohawk Trail / Hawlemont Regional School System’s Title I program offers all elementary students fair and equitable opportunities for a high quality, standards-based education.

How does our Title I program work? Here are the facts:

  • Based on area demographics and early intervention research, we are offering a hands-on preschool program that works to strengthen school-ready skills for students and builds strong relationships with families earlier.

  • Title I services are in the area of early childhood education .

  • Title I is designed as a regular education program for students who are not receiving special education services.

  • Families are a vital part of Title I programs. We encourage your input and appreciate your feedback. Please share your hopes and dreams for your child with their Title I classroom teacher.

  • Each Title I school will offer at least one, evening, family event each year. We hope you will participate with your child.

  • In schools with Title I programs, families and educators agree to share responsibility for a student’s academic growth. This shared responsibility, including strategies for supporting students, is outlined in a written compact. This compact will be distributed to all families and educators.

  • Your ideas and suggestions are welcome throughout the year. At the end of the school year, we will ask all families for their feedback through a school-wide parent survey.

I hope you’ve learned something new about Mohawk Trail / Hawlemont’s Title I program. If you have questions, please ask via my email, obaron@mtrsd.org or contact our district Title I Director, Amber Tulloch, at 413-339-8316.

Best wishes for a successful, happy school year for your child!


Olivia Baron

Hawlemont Title I PK Teacher

4H Information

While Weaving and Animal Science Clubs are now full. there are still a few openings for students in grades 3 through 6 to join 4H Outdoor Adventure, Baking, and Knitting Clubs and for 1st and 2nd graders, Hand Sewing Club. Enrollment forms can be picked up at and returned to the school office. Contact Sheila Litchfield at 337-4957 with questions.

Pumpkin Smash is Saturday November 5th at Hagers Farm Market. This festival is a fundraising event for Franklin County 4H. Hawlemont 4H will be doing face painting! Bring your slightly squishy Halloween pumpkins to enter them in the pumpkin drop and a chance to win the 50/50 prize for the longest splat! Food, Hager's fried dough, vendors, huge raffle and more! Hope to see you there.

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Tiered Focused Monitoring Review of Mohawk Trail and Hawlemont Regional School Districts

See the attached letter from DESE.
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Contact info:

Shannon Lovett - Administrative Assistant

Amber Tulloch - Principal

Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions.