Victor Early Childhood School

April 23, 2021

Dear Families,

I wanted to provide you an update on how things will look when students return to five days per week, in person learning, beginning on Monday, April 26th.

Please continue to complete the health screening form each morning and to order lunches on line.

All but one of our classrooms will be eating lunch in either the cafeteria or boardroom. They are seated at separate tables. Snack times will either occur outside or will be staggered throughout the day. Some classroom schedules were modified only slightly. The teachers have each communicated with families regarding lunch, snack, and schedules.

We are expecting increased traffic on campus at arrival and dismissal. Drop-off time is from 8:50 to 9:15. If you arrive after 9:00, you will be able to park in the bus loop. Afternoon pick up is at 3:05. Again, if you wait until after 3:00, you should be able to park in the bus loop. Please do not approach the doors where you will collect your child until that time to help us with congestion. We expect that common areas during arrival and dismissal will still be crowded, but we will do our best to keep the students moving.

I am so pleased to introduce our three new dedicated remote teachers. Mrs. Jen Gerace is teaching pre-k, Mrs. Jen Martusewicz is teaching kindergarten, and Ms. Genny Corcoran will be teaching first grade. Mrs. Gerace has been a member of our district for over 20 years. She has experience teaching kindergarten, first, and third grade and has been performing kindergarten screenings for us for several years. Mrs. Martusewicz has worked for VCS since 2009 as a kindergarten teacher. This year she has been on leave, spending additional time with her daughter. Ms. Corcoran is just joining the Victor community. She is a SUNY Geneseo graduate from Syracuse, NY. All three of our remote teachers are very excited to begin working with students! Mrs. Gerace has already begun the process of taking over instruction for pre-k students.

Our remote students will need to continue taking attendance via Schooltool. For the week of April 26th, our remote students in kindergarten and first grade will continue to access learning through the Google classroom and learning calendar as we have been doing all year. The pre-k students will start interacting with Mrs. Gerace next week. Starting May 3rd, the remote learners will have daily interactions with their assigned teachers. They will engage in math, reading, writing, and word work and will work in a synchronous model for part of their learning. They will also have individual appointments with their teachers. The teachers are sending introductions to families and will be reaching out to students next week as they set up their own Google classrooms. It was a pleasure to meet with the new remote teachers today, and I am looking forward to regular meetings with them. I also appreciate the hard work that has been done by our staff during the hybrid model. Some of these individuals will be able to now put more focus into our in-school learners. For example, the weekly read-aloud offered by Mrs. Burke, our librarian, and the weekly counseling session offered by Mrs. Schosek, our counselor, will no longer be offered after next week.

The students are all so excited to welcome all learners next week. Caden says, "I am excited to et in the cafutreu." Carter says, "I cant wait for munday!" Hope says, "I am most excited to making now fres!" You just have to love their inventive spelling!

Thanks so much to our staff and Victor community for your support during these challenging times! Let me know if you have any questions!


Monica Macaluso, EdD, Interim Principal