Dork Diaries:from,Renee Russell

Zoe Stancil ELA first period class

Saturday,August 31

in the beginning of this book was inside,and in a middle school of the beginning and end of this book.It was august 31 on Saturday.This chapter is about this girl Chloe she doesn't have a phone like the cool kids they bough there phones about $600 dollars.So,she bought a pay phone ,and she was really she wrought it in her diary.

The falling action

in the falling action Chloe makes up lots of different pucks like Nick Jonas,Corbin Bleu,and Justin Timberlake, like made up crazy characters.She also talks about when she was little she said that the tooth fairy was coming then she peed all over her floor because she didn't use the bathroom last night.


I already said this but the resolution of Dork Diaries is when Brianna gets upset because she has to share her bed then she wines and cries and she is 14 years old.her mom,dad,sister and Brianna is in her bed.

Character traits

i describe Chloe as a jealous girl that wishes she had a phone and became popular like the cute,cool,and popular girls.Brianna i think is the really bossy girl that is one of the C.C.P girls.Also Chloe has a friend named Zoey she is really loving.