PC Hardware ePresentation

By: Varshak Varma


In this smore I will be talking about the function of 4 computer parts i have chosen. I will go through importance and attributes of the computer parts and give 3 examples for each part; low cost, average and a high end model of the part

Keyboard & Mouse

The Keyboard and Mouse are very important parts to an everyday computer. Even though they are peripheral devices they add to much the user can input into the computer. Their are several types of Keyboards and Mouses, all for different uses are purposes.

Their are Keyboards and Mouses made for Gaming, Utility and just general or daily use. For example: a gaming keyboard or mouse will be designed for ergonomically and for quick and rash movements. Also the response time will be much faster than a Normal Keyboard or Mouse.

These are the price ranges and functionality for several keyboards

Cheap Keyboard- $10 -Simple Keyboard, Bad quality and slow response time.

Average Keyboard- $30 - Simple Keyboard with small features such as kick stand or

wireless, standard functionality and speed.

High-End Keyboard- $80 - Light Up keyboard, Extra buttons, customization and ability to

easily switch and change out parts.

Sound Card

The sound card is also known as thew audio card, it controls and manages the audio input and output of the computer. The sound card is usually integrated into the mother board in old computers. People want to change their sound cards now since they want high quality sound. People who are music producers and have interest in sound quality will buy a sound card separate from the one in their computers. The sound card is an internal periphal device, since the computer can still run without the sound card.
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This is where the sound card is located, it is usually attached to the motherboard and has an output slot sticking out of the back of the computer, for connecting speakers, headphones and other audio mechanisms.

Optical Disk Drive

An Optical Disk Drive or an ODD is a mechanism in the computer that uses laser light of electro magnetic waves to read the data in optical discs. There are different types of disks the ODD can read, DVD's, Blue Ray Disks and Compact Disks.
The higher quality of the ODD the more types of drives it can read. For example the High End ODD can read both DVD and Blue Ray.Your computer does not need an ODD to run but can increase the amount of capability and input of you computer. The ODD is located in the front of your computer, usually at the top slot.


The Speakers are not the important to a computer since their are many replacements, such as head phones or just internal speaker (integrated).
The speakers will work as good as the quality of your sound card. The high end speakers will have surround sound while the cheaper speakers will crackle and not work all the time. Also the quality of the sound and the settings of each level of speaker will vary.